Playing Legend of Zelda: OOT

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I remember way back when I owned all Zelda titles and would play them day and night until I beat it.  I took no breaks because the games were so addicting and the concept never got old.  Now I'm playing Ocarina of Time just because its in my room and I never finished the game due to the harsh water temple.  As I start playing the game, it seems that I can't get through an hour without feeling bored or have an anxiety attack to do something else.  Its probably that I'm still in the water temple (about to beat it) and haven't seen anything new yet.  I try to keep things fresh by going around and doing some side quests.  But there's still a feeling as if things aren't the same as they used to be.

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Well a lot of it has to do with age (at least for me). When I was 10 hell yeah I would spend all day playing Ocarina of Time! There just isn't the same sense of wonder for me as there used to be.
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I played it this summer at my bro's house pretty non-stop. I got stuck at the water temple and put it down there but its still an AMAZING game. It just wonders me how I can love a game that much that I still remember so many secrets. My friend never played it as a kid was watching and was like HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT WAS THERE? While people will claim its overrated, its definitely one of my favorite games of all time. (Maybe trumped by Majora's Mask though--I'm in the minority on that subject though.)

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It's not so much OOT as it is playing the game and other games like it.  I think Dtat may be right, I may be outgrowing video games such as LOZ.

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I remember when I got to the Water Temple, I stopped playing it but I eventually managed to fight through it and complete the game. I played it recently and when I got to the Water Temple again I beat it in about 2 hours, I was rather impressed with myself

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