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Worth a try.

First of all, this is a great game. It still has room for improvement and one can only notice that it was probably going to be bigger but was cut short... On the plus side, the stuff that made it into the game was mostly well done and very polished in typical Nintendo fashion.

I had mixed results with the motion controls: they take some time to get used to, but once you do, they worked mostly well and there are parts where it's truly satisfying to slash, stab, parry, spin and finalize most enemies... other times, I was frustrated by sometimes unresponsive controls and yet occasionally it was the opposite: controls too sensitive like, for example, changing the position of the sword registering as a slash or a slash turning into two slashes when returning the remote to the center, or having a stab turn to a spin attack due to the slightest hint of the nunchuck moving when doing the stab gesture, and since the combat is very particular in how it let's you deal damage to enemies, the misread gestures make for some infuriating moments in the heat of tense fights that demand precision, sadly subtracting enjoyment in some of them.

The story was fine, yet some of the changes I disliked, especially for Zelda, I mean she's cuter and warmer than in other titles in the series, yet i think she should have played a more active role in the quest as hinted in the beginning and sometimes her actions don't make sense. It would've been great to see some part where she joins the fight, I mean, she's a student of the knight academy, yet she's the most fragile and delicate I've seen her except for Zelda II where she sleeps the entire game, or maybe have her do the spiritual parts since she's described at some point as a "spirit" maiden and those parts didn't involve combat but stealth... instead we get the tired old "sorry, but the princess is in another castle" routine, they paint Zelda and Link's missions as of the utmost importance yet you don't get to see or play any part of what Zelda does which is not much anyways (sorry Zelda, but it's true, i think it's funny my 5 y.o. calls the game "Link")

The Dungeons, Puzzles, and Boss Fights are as great as ever, except when they make you fight the same drawn out boss battle three times... twice! (that's right: 3+3) Reeks of lengthening the play time through a silly trick and I absolutely hated that.

The sky thing and flying on a bird is nowhere near as great as wind waker's sailing was, but it doesn't get in the way either, and the skydiving is pretty cool, to bad there's really not much to explore in the small rocks and islands floating in the sky.

Music's great, they also used some pieces from Wind Waker which has some the best music in a Zelda game. Fits the mood perfectly, well done guys. It's a shame Nintendo still doesn't want to take the risk to add voice to their Zelda games.

For graphics, all i can add is that the framerate is rock solid... the painting style looks good and hides muddy textures very well, though sometimes the blurring of backgrounds makes you fell as if link was myopic... cel-shading help the characters and object models look decent and I think that as long as you keep your expectations in reality the look of the game won't disappoint.

Thanks for Reading.

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