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A must own for all Zelda fans!

 To start off this review I must say I absolutely love this game. I haven't been this into a Zelda game probably since Wind Waker. The train in the game is surprisingly good, even though I died a couple of times running into other trains at first. It is a really nice addition to the Zelda series and a new formula that is truly enjoyable. It seems that the tracks are long but they really aren't, I didn't even discover the fact that they're warp zones on the tracks until I beat the game. So having it mostly on rails, literally, didn't bother me at all. The main thing that I love about this game is the dungeons and puzzles throughout the game. The only real complaint, if you can call it that, is that it kinda seemed short for a Zelda game. The level designs are amazing and the controls, which can bug you sometimes especially at one of the parts of the final battle at least for me, actually work in the game. The Sand Wand is one of the most innovative items in a Zelda game in a long time, probably since the either the hookshot or the grappling hook. It is a really cool addition to the series and an item I hope they use again in the future. I was so addicted to this game I played it every night before I went to bed and thought about it all day while I was at work. No game has had that affect on me probably since playing MGS4. I am a huge Zelda fan and this is another worthy addition to the series. I especially loved the ending in this game, it is fair superior to some of the ending I have seen in the past I'm talking to you Twilight Princess, I hated that games ending. But that is just my opinion. Finally I hope gamers of all ages will pick this one up Zelda fan or not, but if you are a true Zelda fan you have to own this game as it is another great game in this amazing franchise.    

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    This game is literally garbage. i can remember being in 7th grade when it was announced and i almost crapped my pants. i was so excited i began to save every penny i earned for the next month. then it happened, i finally achieved what had felt like the greatest thing to ever happen in my entire 12 years of life. At first i was in denial. I was so excited because, well, its a zelda game. I was not prepared in the slightest for a let down, so i completely ignored overly simple enemies and painfu...

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    Spirit Tracks is not known for being the best Zelda game around, this little fact made me pretty cautious about how to approach this Zelda game. Some people tend to overestimate Zelda games, they have them in some kind of pedestal of games that should only be released if they will somehow change the way we see games as a whole. Not every Zelda game is meant to be breathtaking.The first DS game wasn’t anything spectacular and this one is no exception. The puzzles are somewhat interesting al...

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