What do you want from a new Zelda game?

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#1 Posted by FatMikeKingOfPunk (44 posts) -

I enjoyed TP, but I was disappointed by the lack of innovation. This is understandable though, considering it started out as a gamecube game. However, for a new Zelda game; what do you think Nintendo should do? I think that they need to completely change the setup the game and they need to take advantage of the Wii remote. I don't know how they would go about doing this, but it needs to be done somehow.

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#2 Posted by LordelX (76 posts) -

One thing they could do is improve their storytelling. While Twilight Princess had some excellent characters, other than Midna, I was pretty indifferent to what happened to them. Another thing is the scope of the world. Twilight Princess was huge, but it had alot of empty space. Third is a complete reworking of the function of items and the puzzle design. The hookshot, bow and arrow and boomerang are Zelda staples, but it may be time to retire them for something different. Also, no more block puzzles. While they have been good at gradually moving away from this, one is one too many at this point.

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#3 Posted by Black_Rose (7772 posts) -

A combination of old things with brand new, innovatite stuff. Also that it use the motionplus

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#4 Posted by ValiantGoat (407 posts) -

I enjoy the formula of getting an item in each dungeon/temple, getting a heart container, etc...etc...
I could play, essentially, the same Zelda game forever.

It could be cool to play as Zelda/Sheik at some point.

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#5 Posted by chr1s (19 posts) -

More challenge.
One large area, not loading zones and stuff like that.
Make the overworld more dungeon-like instead of a vast, empty hub.
Make exploring worthwhile.
More complex combat; using the same pattern to defeat a certain type of foe gets dull.
A different setting
No more Kakariko Village and other staple places, no more rehashed species and races.
Remove wallets; I am tired of leaving 30 chests unopened because my wallet is full.
No helper; I do not need someone telling me how to do every single little thing over and over, I want to figure things out on my own.
Creative puzzles and items; Shooting an obvious target with my hookshot/boomerang/bow to get to where I want to be several times in every dungeon is dull.

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#6 Posted by Cowman (774 posts) -

All I want from a new Zelda is for Samuel L. Jackson to do the voice of one of the characters.

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#7 Posted by Kenzo287 (798 posts) -

They shouldn't release the next one on Wii if they do what I'm about to say:

  • Massive World
  • First Person View
  • Huge number of side quests
  • Some sort of 1:1 motion control (assuming their next console has that feature)
  • Many more weapons
  •  And some kinda of multiplayer
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#8 Posted by nezze00 (153 posts) -

More Open adventure/sandbox gameplay. More activities. Less annoying characters that tell me where to go every 2 minutes.

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#9 Posted by Danreb (9 posts) -

I think the story-telling, from The Wind Waker and moving forward, has actually drastically improved.

The Legend of Zelda formula is one that works, but the main thing I'd like to see is more challenge.  The developers were on the right path by making the setting darker, but the whole werewolf thing killed it.  I'd like to see a Link that sees no purpose in saving the world.  A true Dark Link.

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#10 Posted by Rodin (241 posts) -

No random stick waggling, a new dungeon design as the whole 8 dungeons and get one item per dungeon thing is getting a little old now, a story that doesn't  to include ganon (nothing wrong with him though), new and interesting items, more things to do with rupees than just buy potions a more fleshed out world.

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#11 Posted by License_To_Bill (811 posts) -

They're staying too close to the formula. The formula's worked this long, but I'm so god-damned sick of it. Like, I know exactly what I'm gonna have to do in order to get to Ganon. Collect three things from initial dungeons, then sevenish from the surprise dungeons, as if you really thought the game would be over after the first three items. As much as they mix it up, it's still Link saving Zelda from Ganon. Remember when they announced Twilight Princess, and they had this mysterious cloaked stranger, like we didn't know who it was? Many, I was damned surprise when it was Zelda.
 Wind Waker's story filled in a lot of blanks, and Majora's Mask was completely different. Hell, even Link's Awakening for the GB felt fresh.
Come to think of it, we need another Majora's Mask. You know, a successor. Now that I'm thinking about it, MM changed up everything about the Zelda games I hate.
Sorry, I'm ranting.

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#12 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

i want midna to come back

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#13 Posted by Kaido (262 posts) -

I loved Wind Waker, a sequel or something set within the same timeline would make me happy.

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#14 Posted by License_To_Bill (811 posts) -
Kaido said:
"I loved Wind Waker, a sequel or something set within the same timeline would make me happy.
It exists. It's Phantom Hourglass.
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#15 Posted by JazzMaverick (108 posts) -

I hated the control's on the Wii version tbh,it just didn't feel like Zelda and it really affected my enjoyment of the game. 

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#16 Posted by bennyboy (342 posts) -
JazzMaverick said:
"I hated the control's on the Wii version tbh,it just didn't feel like Zelda and it really affected my enjoyment of the game. 
Nintendo said they spent over a year perfecting the port of the controls over to the wii, but they inevitably just ended up feeling tacked on anyway. i mean how good can the motion controls be when all you're doing is taking a game meant for a gamecube controller and substituting the button presses with random arm  flailing. doesn't work.
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#17 Posted by Will1Lucky (412 posts) -

Personally I felt TP was an excellent game, loved the story, loved the gameplay, not too sure about controls the motion's in particular I didnt like. I would like them to do a sequel to TP set with this Link but those controls really need fixing more than anything.

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#18 Posted by roylink (139 posts) -

Wen need, a new story , weapons, puzzles. Maybe a 4 swords online 

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#19 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -

I havent played TP so I cant speak in terms of it, but what I would like to see are optional dungeons/ secret areas, a more interesting storyline, maybe a defending or assault mission with some other people as opposed to 'venture into scary dungeon alone, find item, defeat boss, get other item'

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#20 Posted by Otacon (2282 posts) -

Something really new. really, really new.

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#21 Posted by JibaaJabba (87 posts) -

Reusable weapons I'm tired of using them like one time and then they never get used outside that dungeon again.
Oh and more Cow Bell!!

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#22 Posted by CountRockula (410 posts) -

Nothing specific, really, but they need to make some big changes in order to reinvigorate that franchise, I think.  Honestly, I think every game series should have to go back to the drawing board after the third installment.  Just scrap everything they've done previously and start over with maybe three bullet points describing the essential core of the game.  Zelda's bullet points might look like this:

  • great big world
  • adventure!
  • dude in a green outfit

From here, they could go anywhere and I would just be thrilled that they were finally taking some chances again, even if it didn't all quite work out.
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#23 Posted by LordelX (76 posts) -

So.....you want Zelda to become Oblivion?

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#24 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -
LordelX said:
"So.....you want Zelda to become Oblivion?"

not really, just....make it less got to dungeon X, find item Y, kill Boss Z, rinse and repeat.
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#25 Edited by BiffMcBlumpkin (3822 posts) -

I really dug TP, but I'd like:

A more challenging experience (doubt this'll happen, their new approach appears to be to make it as "Appealing" as possible to "all crowds.") Especially when it comes to the scope and complexity of the dungeons. This is by far the most important aspect I want, but I doubt it'll happen.

A new setting and storyline. TP was in many, many ways Ocarina redux (and LttP redux whe it comes to the story line,) I really love the classic storyline... but I think I'm ready for change. Maybe a departure from the standard storyline, like Majora's Mask did - only better?

Completely new and unique weapons. I know the progression of the swords and the Master sword have to be there (and I wouldn't want that to change).... but perhaps you can make the progression of the other tools and weapons different than finding the standard bow, boomerang, heavy boots, hookshot (doing TP's approach and adding multiple hookshots doesn't qualify as "new and exciting" tools,) etc. Also, more consistent uses for the weapons rather than just using them mainly in one weapon-specific dungeon and using them only very occasionally otherwise.

Larger world and larger towns, especially more bustling towns (I love just "hanging out" in a good Zelda game, if that makes any sense.) More shops/stands to visit, more people to talk to, more little sidequests involving the towns, etc.

Also, there are some minor things I'd want like a full, rich orchestral score.

I don't know how I feel about adding voice acting. I don't think I'd mind hearing the characters talk, but I don't think I'd want Link to talk.

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#26 Posted by MagusMaleficus (1152 posts) -

What do I want from a new Zelda game? One (totally made-up) word: badassery.

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#27 Edited by CountRockula (410 posts) -
LordelX said:
"So.....you want Zelda to become Oblivion?"

No, I want Zelda to become something different.  So long as it holds on to those few core themes that really make Zelda what it is, I think they could go totally crazy with the design and gameplay and I'd be cool with it.
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#28 Posted by ValiantGoat (407 posts) -

A lot of people mentioned they want more challenge, I'd have to agree with that. Back when I played OoT for the first time it had some challenge to it, but WW and TP were really easy games. They should try and be punishing like the orginal Zelda, and the second one....ahh the memories...

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#29 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

Tighter controlls.

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#30 Posted by Twilit_Igniter42 (70 posts) -

While I loved Twilight Princess enough that I would be totally content with a sequel using the same engine, there were a few things that bothered me that I wouldn't mind changing.

I agree with all who said "more challenge".  This is especially true for the boss fights.  I don't think it TP I was ever in any real danger of dying.

I would like Ganondorf (as awesome as he is) to step aside for a new villain.  * TP SPOILER WARNING* I thought Zant was awesome up until the point he kind of turned into a shrieking ninny in his fight with Link.  If they kept him as that badass who smashed Midna off the ground before exposing her to the Light Spirit, I would've been fine with him as the final boss.


One thing a friend and I have also talked about is, since they're reintroduced some old-school locations and enemies in recent games, there are a few things from The Adventure of Link that seem to be forgotten that we think would be awesome to see modernized:
- Three Eye Rock
- Horsehead
- Old Kasuto Town
- Error
- River Devil

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#31 Posted by Shadowsun9 (45 posts) -

Don't change it too much otherwise it won't be Zelda. But maybe less of the forest, fire and water dungeon at first half of game and then more temples afterwareds. Change that a bit.

Also, first person view would be terrible!

And don't go too crazy with the wiimotion plus thingy. Maybe one or two third person side on sections against ganon or something, almost like the section at end of TP where you lock swords and have to hammer 'A'.

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#32 Posted by Shadowsun9 (45 posts) -
Twilit_Igniter42 said: I thought Zant was awesome up until the point he kind of turned into a shrieking ninny in his fight with Link. 

Totally agree, he looked so tough but then...
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#33 Posted by HummaKavula (9 posts) -

What I want:

Less being bored by being a wolf
Less being bored by sailing.

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#34 Posted by Fusi (21 posts) -

Guns, futuristic setting.

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#35 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -
Fusi said:
"Guns, futuristic setting.

does not compute. That's like Eragon with a flying car instead of a dragon.
 would say, add parrying and countering in combat, shield bashing, and adult Link
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#36 Posted by clarke0 (1082 posts) -

I loved Twilight Princess but there are definitely some things to improve on.

-Better controls. The Wii controls for TP felt ridiculously tacked on and unintuitive. Wii MotionPlus would be a lot of fun for sword fighting.
-World that is more interesting to explore. In Ocarina of Time it was fun to explore Hyrule, but in TP the only interesting regions were the dungeons and towns. I wouldn't mind a smaller map if it had more detail, sidequests etc.
-More character development. Other than Midna I felt like the characters were kind of abused because they didn't spend enough time making you care about them. I thought the characters in TP were very cool, but not fleshed out enough.
-New villian. Vant was cool, up until the final boss fight. It doesn't have to have Ganondorf to be a Zelda game and a new villian would be a refreshing change of pace.
-Better graphics. Twilight Princess had stunning artistic production values and great style, but on the technical side the game was really dissapointing. I know this is because it's a Gamecube game but I'd like to see an improvment in this area.
-More challenge. The boss fights in TP were epic, but unfortunately they were so easy that you never really felt like you were in danger.
-Some changes in formula. Zelda games have become painfully predictable. New temple ideas would be nice, rather than the usual fire temple, water temple, forest temple etc.

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#37 Posted by CheeseFanatic (85 posts) -

I want to see more environments.  Twilight Princess lacked the diversity in Ocarina of Time.  In that game you had so many diverse dungeons but in Twilight Princess they all kind of felt generic. 
The setting should also be more of an open world.  Something similar to that of Wind Waker.  In Wind Waker exploring the world was extremely fun to explore and everything felt so fresh.
I would also enjoy the game if they fleshed out the game to game storyline a little more so you can keep things in perspective.  Maybe giving the player some nostalgia.
And finally, some surprises that make the game feel different but still like a Zelda game.

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#38 Posted by graphicartist21 (54 posts) -

I dont want a commercial like this, (this is the original zelda comercial)


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#39 Posted by Soap (3774 posts) -

I'd personally like a new game rather than the same repackaged game we've had since the days of the SNES, but we all know that isn't going to happen.

I'm just gunna take a guess here and say that link will at somepoint find a boomerang, heavy boots, bow and arrow and grappeling hook as well as go through a fire dungeon, a nature based dungeon, one where you reflect light off a shield and a water one... also I'd like to point out when that does happen... that I like most people with a brain, fucking called it.

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#40 Posted by Vaxadrin (2319 posts) -

I want it to look like the Windwaker, play like a slowed down Ninja Gaiden with no blood, and render in 720p.

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#41 Posted by shulinchung (197 posts) -

Sex scenes, lots of sex scenes!

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#42 Posted by PapaLazarou (870 posts) -

Please let Zelda DIE!!!!!!! Let Mario Die and all that Nintendo crap that has been going on for years because they're all the same and it has gotten way boring.... please Nintendo just do something new that isn't a gimmick like motion controls.

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#43 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

I don't really want another Zelda. I have nothing against the other Nintendo franchises, but Zelda has just become meh. There's absolutely nothing good about the games other than production value, fanservice and nostalgia. Average action adventures with good dungeons, horrible stories/storytelling and a huge portion of nostalgia and fanservice.

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#44 Posted by gunswordfist (583 posts) -

I want the next Zelda to have ABSOLUTELY NO MOTION SENSORING! It should force gamers to use the GC controller. Then it should take advantage of whatever power Wii has, have an epic world and have an even greater combat system.

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#45 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (7965 posts) -

I want to see a world outside of Hyrule, with more than one or two towns.  I want to feel like Hyrule isn't just some little bubble.  As massive as the Zelda games get, they never really feel lived in other than a couple of major areas.

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#46 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -

I want a game like twilight princess i want good graphics and adult themes like twilight princess.

[spoiler]the love interest that developed between link and midna was great much more adult themed and it was much more dark then past games i liked that.[/spoiler]

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#47 Posted by GobiasIndustries (379 posts) -


I just needs me some better graphics and a few minor things to mix it up and I'm good.

Zelda predictability ftw

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