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The start of the best action-adventure franchise 0

The Legend of Zelda created the blueprint to how you should make a adventure game, filled by action and puzzles. With a great balance of discovery and having an idea of what to do next. Clever boss and dungeon designs, some nice secrets to improve your character as well as your adventure. With a well tough-out map for you to traverse through it and find new stuff every time, going back and forth.One of the biggest marks in video game history, being a classic that will be remembered forever as o...

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Worth More Than Its Weight In Gold. 1

Story-The land of Hyrule was a peaceful place full of old hermits and pushy merchants living in caves until the evil Prince of Darkness Ganon came along and stole the Triforce of power while also imprisoning princess Zelda. Before she was captured, Zelda had the Triforce of wisdom broken up into eight pieces to hide them from Ganon since his power would become unimaginable if he were to obtain both. Now it's up to Link to find the eight pieces that Zelda hid so that he can gain equal strength to...

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Nintendo re-released a true classic. 0

Originally written 11-20-10The land of Hyrule was thrown into disarray when a powerful being named Ganon, The Prince of Darkness stole one of two artifacts of great power called The Triforce of Power. Princess Zelda whom was the wielder of the second one called the Triforce of Wisdom, shattered it into 8 pieces and hid them throughout Hyrule in 8 dungeons. She was soon captured and imprisoned by Ganon. A young man named Link, armed with a wooden sword and shield sets out on a quest to reclaim th...

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Fun gameplay marred by illogical and obscure puzzles. 0

The main problem with the Legend of Zelda is that its puzzles often seem arbitrary and completely obscure. Having to bomb multiple walls for which you are given no clues and which show no difference to any other wall in the game is just moronic. There are obscure puzzles which can be solved by paying attention to the hints the game gives you and keeping some sort of notepad/map combo going, but some of the things which the game requires you to do to progress seem impossible to just intuit in the...

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Still infinitely playable after all these years 1

The Legend of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto’s magnum opus that solidified Nintendo’s reputation as the best game developer in the world, is a true masterpiece. In fact, players knew it before even playing it. Opening the box for the first time to the wonderful surprise of a golden cartridge (rather than the typical drab gray) was super cool, even if it was just a marketing gimmick. There had been other adventure games before Zelda, but let’s be honest, Zelda far surpassed them in just about every way....

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The Legend of Zelda Review 0

The Legend of Zelda was an amazing game, continues to be now and I suspect will be in the future. It feels like a game that shouldn't have been able to be made, it feels like a game that would need constrictions to function, yet its gameplay and mechanics synthesize almost seamlessly with its open world. Open world is a word used a lot these days, but Zelda almost seemed to forget where it began after the first game and the real world seemed to forget after A Link to the Past until more recent ...

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A Classic Game 0

The Legend of Zelda on the Game Boy Advance is just like you remember it. Guide Link through Hyrule to defeat Gannon and save Zelda. Zelda can collect Rupees and acquire bombs, swords, arrows, and bows to use against enemies. Travel inside dungeons, across forests, and across the sea. I was born in 1982, but I had never played this game until recently, and I enjoyed it. There are some tough parts, and I'll admit I did look online to get to a couple dungeons, but it was a great gaming experience ...

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Nice Port, Some Slowing Occasionally 0

The Legend of Zelda on Game Boy Advance is a pretty good port from the Nintendo Entertainment System. There is some slowing when there are many enemies on the screen, but it does not happen very often. In this game you play as Link, who is trying to save Zelda from the clutches of Ganon. You travel throughout Hyrule, discovering new dungeons, swords, rings, arrows, and bombs. After all these years, it holds up well as a great game from the NES-era with a healthy variety of enemies, scenery, upgr...

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