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The Legendary Starfy Review

This 2D platformer puts you in the role of Starfy, a stud prince from up in the clouds, who is quite the celebrity. One day a bunny in a spacesuit literally lands on Starfy. This bunny, named Bunston, has lost his memory and needs your help to recover shards that contain his memories. Along the way 3 unknown enemies will try everything to get in your  way and capture bunston.

The graphics in this game are your standard 2D on a DS. Each level has a somewhat different look, but there are some places that it just looks like there was a switching out of art assets. As the game goes on the enemies get more complex and so they look better. The main characters all have a unique look but I have to say even after playing through this game I'm still not sure if the main character is a starfish or a star from the sky.

The music really doesn't draw anyone in, but it isn't a huge distraction either. As its a DS game don't expect to hear voice acting present in the game. The one thing that I think might be coming standard on DS games now is the fact that if you close the DS while the game is on you get to hear a gasp of dispair. I have to say that that is really my favorite part.

The controls of this game is something that I have to say fit with the game. As you play through your going to gain abilities and on top of that you're going to get a little tutorial when you get each of those abilities, so there's no confusion as to what buttons do what. 

I get an almost Mario feel when I play this game, with the "worlds" and the different levels present in the game. The different abilities feel like getting a power up, that thankfully will stick with you even after you get hit. That's another thing you're going to have hearts that will deplete when you've been hit, but you can always regain them with the star orbs. Speaking of which those star orbs serve two purposes. The first is to heal your character, the second is to collect and use towards purchasing items for your character. To me the second use is a miss. Yes it is cool to pause the game and see your character wearing a rubber duck intertube, but I really wish that it translated to how your character looks in the game. You're going to see a lot of different worlds, and at first this game feels like a water game, but then after the first couple of worlds water takes a back seat and you'll have to adapt to the change. 

Overall this game was entertaining to play, my one issue revolving around the accessories that you can purchase isn't a show stopper for the game. There are several bosses that each have their own weaknesses, but overall this game if you've played Mario-esque games before is a breeze. There is some slight replayability for me because there was certain areas that I wasn't able to access with the current skill set, but overall this game, for me, is a one time through game. This game gets an 8.2 out of 10.

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