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In Conquest's Retelling of the Legend, Sauron Has Hops 2

The first thing that Tolkien fans should know about Conquest is to forget everything that they think they know about the Lord of the Rings. In the same way that EA has used the Godfather franchise to forge a fun game that uses the film as a springboard for shop smashing extortion, shootouts, and gangland vendettas, Conquest does the same with Peter Jackson’s celluloid treatment by turning it into an action packed killing field of oliphants and elves. Pandemic has leveraged their experience from ...

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Lord of the Rings: Battlefront Dynasty Fail 3

Every year's end is a fantastic time to be playing games. The market contains a nearly endless supply of high quality titles to keep a busy gamer playing until the beginning of the new year. After enjoying high profile titles like Fallout 3, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, and Left 4 Dead, I went into 2009 with high expectations. It's fair to say we're at the half-way point of this generation, so no company has the right to charge full retail price for an out of date game. I played Lord of the ...

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Toss Lord of the Rings Conquest into the firey depths or Mt. Doom 0

 I suppose it says a lot about Star Wars Battlefront II that it still sits right behind Halo 2 as the most played  original Xbox title on  You shall not play this game! Live. It took the class-based gameplay of Team Fortress and Return to Castle Wolfenstein and wrapped it up with a nice Star Wars bow on top. With The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, Pandemic has hoped to recreate that magic, trading Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader for Frodo Baggins and Sauron. The single-player campaign of...

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Pass, wouldn't even rent 1

I loved the Lord of the Rings books and later the movies that came out but never got around to playing a Lord of the Rings video game until Lord of the Rings Conquest. I really wasn't impressed by the game and was pretty bored with it quickly. I think I played thru half of it and stopped at the evil retelling of the story. It just was a lot of running around and mashing on buttons and once and awhile getting to play as one of the hero's from Lord of the rings. Even that was underwhelming and pla...

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When I first heard this was going to happen I got excited . Then when I played it I felt like a retard .This game is just terrible . Graphics are POOR . Sound is POOR . Replay value is LOW . Once you play it you will never play it again . The Plot is the only good thing . Well nothing in this game is good . It starts off bad and gets even WORSE . I am a lotr fan and when I played this I felt so bad about ever liking it  . I regret renting this Game . Lets just hope they redo it and make it bette...

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Eh... 0

I just got this game. I played the good campaign on casual. it was really easy except for LOTS of tight spots were u barely make it. throughout the battles u have to adapt to what your team needs you to be as a class to win. the graphics are ok, and the feel of the massive battles is great, but the evil campaign is way too hard, even on the first level.   I would reccomend the good campaign, and if u had 2 controllers to do co-op. i dont have LIVE yet so i cant tell u about multiplayer. idk if u...

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Good, but not Great 0

Middle Earth.  A land filled with history, strange creatures, and epic confrontations beyond your wildest dreams. It is in this ancient land that one of the greatest stories of all time is set.  That story is The Lord of the Rings.  It is this epic story of a Hobbit on a quest to destroy the ultimate evil that a series of films directed by Peter Jackson was based on.  It is those films that serve as the basis of Pandemic’s new game The Lord of the Rings: Conquest.Conquest offers us not one, but ...

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Not worth buying 1

Man I am kicking myself for spending $70 on this game. Although it isn't terrible it is pretty close. Combat system is fairly standard and simple but combat itself is littered with annoyances. The single player campaign is basically just the online version only you are fighting the AI with a storyline set out before each mission. Only you forget it shortly afterwords and get bored with the repetitiveness of killing tons of re spawning mobs just to capture a stupid flag. I don't know I guess it c...

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Conquest of the Red Rings 0

  When I first heard about this I got caught in the what little media hype there was. I fell for it mainly because I am a big LOTR fan, so my first impressions were overblown a lot.    The game features two campaigns, the first highlights some of the best battles of the movie, and the second is a what if  scenario that makes you the bad guy. The novelty of playing as the evil dudes is only fun for a couple of minutes mainly because they did nothing to make them feel any different from being the ...

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Lord of the Rings: Dumbquest 0

Videogames inspired from the Lord the of the Rings films have always been to a higher standard than most movie tie-ins. Unfortunately, Conquest chooses to ignore the character and personality of the source material and instead, gave me a headache with its shallow combat and ridiculous retelling of the Rings story. As a long term fan of the books and films I’ve eagerly consumed every videogame release that’s drawn on the Lord of the Rings saga. I’ve poured many hours into the excellent MMO – The ...

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The Lord of the Rings Conquest Review 0

   Pandemic Studios has not been having a good time after its last title Mercenaries 2 was not as well received as hoped. So going into the New Year they have had high hopes on Lord of the Rings Conquest a somewhat predecessor to Star Wars: Battlefront. Some complaints already started before release of Conquest about its similarity's to Battlefront and how it’s just some new paint over an older series. So what makes this game much different?Well not much really. It is the same formula Battlefron...

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