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More of the same, but now on horseback 0

As of writing this review, I have taken one character (a guardian) through all of the "regular" content of this expansion and have hit the level cap of 85. By "regular," I mean essentially non-Hytbold quests. I did the introductory quests of Hytbold and one round of dailies, but do not plan on doing any more.The GoodI'll start out with the positives.1. First of all, the soundtrack is amazing, frankly. All too often in MMOs, the background music starts out good or acceptable and then begins to ir...

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The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan Review 0

Fans of the Lord of the Rings Online MMO have waited a long time –pretty much forever– for an expansion worth their time. The past two entries put forth into the five-year standing game have been cookie-cutter at best, hurting the game more-so than it did improve it.Riders of Rohan is the best, and largest, expansion since we first braved the depths of Moria many years ago, and it is the reason every past player of the game should return back to the game for at least one more go. And heck, the g...

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