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LoTRO is a great game filled with goodies

Lord of the Rings Online is a worthy competitor to the popular World of Warcraft series.  Depending on what satisfies your taste-buds, LoTRO can probably deliver.    The  world, Middle Earth, created by J.R. Tolkien is displayed beautifully in the game, allowing for deep immersion and amazing story possibilities. 

The level grind is not hard at all, so if it's a challenging grind you are in search for you may want to try the trial first.  There is plenty of End-game though, as well as many crafting opportunities.  Lord of the Rings Online offers fun gameplay with a friendly enviornment.  

Turbine has released 6 new chapters to their continuing story for free.  When the game originally shipped it had the first 8 chapters.  With the completion of Book 14 out now, fans await the Mines of Moria expansion pack due out sometime this fall, which includes 2 new classes and the raising of the level cap to 60. (previously 50)

Turbine has taken a different approach to the PVP aspect of the game.  Instead of levelling a monster from 1-50 you get the monster at lvl 50, though you will never leave the pvp area (1 zone).  Entering monster play is a fun sidetrack to the main game.

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