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    The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II - The Rise of the Witch-King

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 28, 2006

    This expansion pack to The Battle for Middle-Earth II offers more than a lengthy title with a whole new faction and numerous other gameplay changes. Middle-Earth is threatened by the Witch-King of Angmar, and war ensues.

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    The Campaign Story

    The story follows the evil Witch King, also known as Lord of Nazgûl, and his road for domination. Unlike LOTR: Battle for middle earth 2, the campaign only expands through the evil campaign and The Witch King's rise over middle-earth and the fall of Arnor, instead of a good and a evil campaign. You will control Angmar, a new faction from the hills up north, and along the way you will meet different challenges, new units, buildings, locations and new heroes you never seen before in the films. That's because the story covers everything that happend after the defeat of lord Sauron, but before the films, where Gandalf visit the Hobbit Frodo in the Shire.

    New Faction: Angmar

    The faction you control in the campaign are the new faction called Angmar. You can also play this in every other modes, like skirmish, multiplayer and war of the ring, raising the playable faction number up to seven. Angmar brings with itself new heroes, units, buildings and powers giving the player a totally new way to play the game.


    The Witch King
    The Witch King
    • Mill - Basic resource contruction and unit cap increase by 50.
    • Hall of the King's men - Trains Thrall Masters, Black Numenoreans and Dark Rangers.
    • Troll and wolf den - Trains Dire Wolves, Snow and Hill Trolls.
    • Temple of twilight - Recruit and upgrade Angmar sorcerers.
    • Dark iron forge - Provides siege units and unit upgrades.
    • Battle tower - Basic tower that shoots fire arrows.
    • Wall hub - Basic hub to construct walls.
    • Fortress - Main building to build heroes, builders/workers and use powers.


    • Builder - Construct buildings.
    • Thrall master - Basic unit that can summon four different units: Rhudaur spearmen, Rhudaur axemen, Gundabad warriors and Gundabad wolf riders.
    • Black Númenorean - Elite infantry.
    • Dark rangers - Elite ranged archers.
    • Dire wolves - A pack of fast wolves.
    • Hill trolls - Basic trolls wearing hammers.
    • Snow trolls - Elite trolls.
    • Sorcerer - The sorcerer uses his pack of acolytes to cast spells.
    • Troll stone thrower - Your basic siege unit.
    • Fire Drake - a powerful fire breathing creature
    • wolves - just wolves


    • Hwaldar - The traitor of Rhudaur.
    • Karsh - The whispering wraith of Angmar.
    • Morgomir - The lieutenant of Carn Dum.
    • Rogash - The mighty troll of the north.
    • Witch King - The leader.

    Gameplay Changes

    Also added in the expansion pack for all factions, except Angmar, are mini-heroes, or elite-heroes. These type of units can be built in a regular/production building, i.e Barracks, but there are very few in each pack, making them an easy target if left alone. They will level up, make a lot of damage and can make other benefits for you and your army.

    Some other improvements were also added in the existent game modes, War of the ring and make a hero. Added in the war of the ring mode was an economy system, added maps and a new region and usage of siege weapons, pluss other improvements. In the hero-making the player got a ton of new weapons and armors customization, and including a new class, and new heroes.

    An overhaul for all existent factions was also included:

    Men of the west

    • Knights of Dol Amroth - Hero-horde.
    • Rohan spearmen - New unit from Battle from middle-earth 1.


    • Dwarven zealots - Hero-horde.
    • Prince Brand - Hero.


    • Lindon horse archers - New horse archer unit.
    • Noldor warriors - Hero-horde.


    • Azog - Hero.
    • Fire drake brood - Hero-horde.
    • Half troll swordsmen - New half troll unit.


    • Uruk deathbringers - Hero-horde.
    • Wildmen axethrowers - New long ranged unit.
    • Warg pack - New cavalry unit.


    • Gothmog - Hero.
    • The black riders - Hero horde.
    • Haradrim lancers - A new cavalry unit.
    • Black orcs - Elite infantry unit. Bloodthirsty orcs.

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