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LOTR: The Third Age has some good ideas, they just don't use them 2

I had some mild hopes for this game. I'm a big Final Fantasy fan, I liked the Lord of the Rings movies and I loved the videos I saw of the game. I didn't expect it to be separated in chapters and I was expecting atleast some freedom in the game, not just battle to battle situations that this game turned out to be. I also didn't expect the story to be so bad. Nothing lived up to my expectations, but luckily I only paid $17 for it. All I have to say is thank god this game was short! Battle Sys...

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No Surprises Here 0

The Lord of the Rings The Third Age is a turn based strategy game set in the universe created by the writing genius JRR Tolkien. This game follows the formula that any other turn based role playing game does. You run around in a surprisingly foggy world [the draw distance is one of the weakest elements of this game] and are sucked into random battles with different numbers and kinds of enemies. Then based on the speed rating of your character the order of turns is decided. When it is your turn, ...

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It's an RPG, it's LOTR, it's money. 0

Now, I haven't played any of the final fantasy games for any great period of time except for final fantasy 12 which I didn't feel compelled to finish, but this game seems like it could fit well for some people.I would be one of those people, I just can't find it in me to finish a 50 or so hour JRPG and this game with its mix of a compelling universe and the basic core gameplay that has worked for so many other games. Its length of about 12 hours for a skilled player(20 hours or so for me) makes ...

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one of the best 0

one of my all time favorite games, it provides the user the opportunity to delve into a story that mirrors the fellowship's. the third age is fun and provides hour of entertainment as you level up your characters. I would recommend anyone that is a lord of the rings fan to play this game. it is very comparable with the movies and with just make you love them even more....

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I didn't have huge expectations for this game but i was surprised when i eneded up enjoying the game despite all of the reveiws i've read. This is why i have decided to make my own reveiw of the game.The game starts off with an elf and a human battling there way through middle earth, each with there own quests and objectives, you are later joined by other charcters and by the time you complete the game you control 6 charcters ( only three can battle at a time). the battles are fairly simplse and...

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The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Video Review 0

This is a video review for The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age by EA Games.    ...

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