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    The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released 1994

    A puzzle game that forces you to put back together the mind of Dr. Brain.

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    The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain is a educational puzzle game where the player would solve a series of puzzles, with either easy, hard, or medium difficulty, to piece together Dr. Brain's mind after a mistake causes him to swap minds with his lab rat. The game was released on July 14, 1994 on Microsoft Windows as well as Macintosh.


    The game is made up of the following puzzles:

    3-D Construction

    You are given an already built model and must rotate it and deduce where each piece is to rebuild it on your end exactly the same.


    --Dreamland is only available after completing the other nine puzzles.--
    You must guide a marble through a series of challenges without destroying it.

    File Sorting

    You must place several items inside various file cabinet drawers. Then you will be asked to find each item, the order you find them in is random.

    Motor Programming

    Using various commands, you must program a miniature Doctor Brain to move in the way that will gather up various brains.

    Music Region

    Hearing a musical tune you must attempt to reconstruct it using the music notes.

    Neural Maze

    With various paths to take you must try to navigate the various mazes. Going up and down and all around.


    Placing tiles on a board of either Roman Numerals, Greek Elements, or Sign Language, you must match them up without filling up the board.

    Synaptic Cleft

    A lot of mental cows are on the loose. It's your job to be the cowboy to round them all up.

    Train of Thought

    Various colored balls roll along a guided trackway. It's your job to use track switches to guide them to the goal without crashing into one another.

    Word Surge

    This is no simple word puzzle! You have to turn and rotate lines of letters to make up every single word given to you!

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