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    The Luchadores

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    A violent gang of masked wrestlers from Saints Row: The Third.

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    The Luchadores are a gang comprised solely of masked wrestlers and one of the three members of The Syndicate, a crime conglomerate that runs Steelport in Saints Row: The Third. The Luchadores run the city's drug dealing and gambling rackets. The money is then laundered by The Deckers, The Syndicate's resident cyber crime specialists.

    The Luchadores were once co-run by Eddie "Killbane" Pryor and his tag team partner Angel De La Muerte. They achieved great success together, but Killbane became jealous of Angel for the respect his men had for him. Killbane unmasked Angel in the middle of the ring at MurderBrawl, disgracing him and forcing Angel into hiding. Since that time Killbane has ruled the Luchadores alone.

    The members of The Luchadores are all male, always masked, and are either ex-bodybuilders or professional wrestlers. They wield assault rifles and shotguns. Their specialist as a larger luchadore who wears shoulder armor and has a large mohawk. He carries a GL G20 rapid fire grenade launcher which can pepper an area with 20 grenades in under 5 seconds.

    The Luchadores are that last main gang left standing in Saints Row: The Third, but eventually fall after Killbane's defeat at MurderBrawl XXXI and subsequent death in one ending and exile in the other. The Saints eventually push the last remnants of The Luchadores out upon conquering the city entirely.

    The Code of the Luchadores

    1. Big Muscles.

    2. Big Guns.

    3. Big Trouble.


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