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Akheva Ruins in the distance.
Akheva Ruins in the distance.

The Maiden's Eye lies in the thin twilight region of the moon directly between the Dawnshroud Peaks and the Umbral Plains. It is here that the immortal Akheva, the original inhabitants of the moon, still rule part of Luclin. The region consists of miles rolling hills of weeds and dead grass with scattered ruins of the old Akhevan Empire. Along the mountain range to the south lies the Akheva Ruins, formerly the great citadel known as Ka Vethan. It was destroyed by the Akheva themselves, or at least the ones following the rebel priestess named Aten Ha Ra. She unleashed an almighty storm on this region, not only destroying Ka Vethan, but also seemingly forever removing the land's fertility. To the north is a massive barracks where the Akheva once kept their military, and just east of there is Firegard Lake.

Hundreds of Akheva still linger in this area. In the center of the lake is a small building with an eternal flame guarded by mages who forever worship the Maiden of Shadows. To the southwest is a cemetery where the Akheva would bury their mortal servants. Now the burial grounds are full of the undead thanks to the Coterie, vampires from the Tenebrous Mountains. Throughout the Eye are also several camps of Galorians much like the ones in Dawnshroud and Fungus Grove. This tribe is known as the Goranga, and they are much more intelligent than their cousins. Near the center of the region is a massive four pronged torch, the relic of the old Akhevan Empire that appears to have no sign of damage from the storm. The Maiden's Eye is quite dangerous for an outdoor area. Highly experienced adventurers often come here to hunt for the many relics that have been found here.

Neighboring Zones


  • Akheva
  • Shak Dratha


Notable NPCs

  • Goranga Battlemaster
  • Shadow Overlord
  • Vellar Toranalis
  • Xi Thall
  • Xi Vius
  • Xi Xaui
  • Xin Thall Centien

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