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    The Marker

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    An alien artifact first discovered on Earth, then replicated, and placed on the distant planet Aegis 7. It created the Necromorphs, but also stifled their propagation, until it was removed from the planet.

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    The Marker's history begins at least 200 years before the events of the original game in the Dead Space franchise, Dead Space. At that point in time, the Black Marker was discovered by an Earth government. Despite being sworn to secrecy, like all other scientists working with the Marker, Michael Altman disclosed details about the Marker to the general public. He founded Unitology, which swiftly became one of the world's most prominent religions. Unitologists believe that the Marker is a divine relic from God that is meant to convey that there is an afterlife.

    Altman was soon killed under mysterious circumstances. Unitologist faithfuls blamed his death on the government, and worshipped Altman as a martyr. His passing increased the ardency of Unitology fanaticism.

    The Government hid the Black Marker in whereabouts unknown, then developed a facsimile, the Red Marker, and deposited it within Aegis 7.
    When scientists followed the DNA instructions inscribed on the Marker, a recombinant life-form, the necromorphs, was born. Fortunately, they managed to contain the necromorph outbreak by building an amplifier for the Marker, which also had the effect of keeping the infection in check.
    Afterwards, it was left, untouched and unseen by human eyes.

    However, about 200 years later, the Concordance Extraction Corporation discovered the man-made Marker replica during an illegal deep-space mining operation in the planetcracker, USG Ishimura. Soon after, it's brought aboard the Ishimura, as demanded by Captain Matthius and Dr. Kyne. Within a week, hostility emerges amongst the crew, and violence breaks out.
    All of this aggressive behavior is caused by the Marker's mind controlling powers.

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