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Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww 0

The Maw is a great example of a solid, if unspectacular arcade title. It's cheap, it's short, but it's fun while it lasts. Sprinkle a good dose of charm on top, and The Maw becomes an enjoyable little romp that many should consider to be worth the price of admission- even if it fails to leave any sort of lasting impression.Like many arcade games, The Maw is straightforward in nature. You lead this purple creature around, feeding it anything and everything in sight. The Maw can grow in size and g...

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Frank's covered Maws, ya'know. 0

I didn't hear much about The Maw before it's release, only that it was a puzzle-platformer for XBLA.  As a big fan of a genre that's seen better days I was curious and checked out the demo.  Immediately I was surprised at how colorful the world is and how detailed the main character, Frank, appears.  The texture work on Frank is impressive and he manages to show a lot of emotion in the short cut-scenes without ever saying anything (aside from calling the Maw on occasion).  The Maw itself is a pr...

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Is This Saccharinely Sweet Adventure Worth Inhaling? 0

It's a great time for those of us who enjoy Indie Games.  On each of the major game consoles, several unique titles are available for download, provided you have the necessary points or a credit card.  Sadly, this wasn't always the case.  During the Xbox360 launch, many of us feared the worst--that evil corporations were turning our artsy video games into mere commodities.  Games like Castle Crashers, Braid, and now The Maw have finally put those fears to rest (or have they?).  How are these gam...

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Best XBLA Game so far 0

Great game with a lot of variety.  After playing the trial I decided to purchase it.  The trial was fun but I worried about the game getting repetitive.  I had nothing to worry about.  The game is always fresh because it introduces new things every level.  The trial level was my least favorite of the game but it was still awesome.  It has been a long time since a game made me smile and laugh out loud.  What a breath of fresh air....

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Maw is hungry, go feed him! 0

Have you seen those Animal Planet shows in witch they show the owner of a snake feeding his little beast with a cute, defenceless mouse? I always say "wtf, that's not fair". Well, "The Maw" is like a marathon session of that on a loop, witch is to say it's pretty awesome.It's seems like ages since I saw a new XBLA release worth my attention, well, since last summer at least. but things have changed for the good, the Maw is here and he's hungry. And while in the first 5 minutes he may seem like a...

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Om nom nom nom... 0

The Maw is the latest title to hit the Xbox Live Arcade, and is a surprising refreshment from the abundance of 2D sidescrollers or shoot-em-ups on the system. No, The Maw is a 3D platformer very reminiscent of the games you may remember to grace the Nintendo 64 or Playstation 2, except with some nicer visuals. It all sounds like a good package, but ultimately there isn’t all that much to sink your teeth into.You play as Frank, an Alien abducted by the Galactic Council, presumably to be studied a...

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