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The Merchant is an NPC on Terraria that sells items. He requires a house to move into. But you must have 50 silver coins for him to move in. To get a second merchant you must have 3 players and a total of 50 gold coins. To get a third merchant you must have 5 or more players and a total of 5 platinum coins.

Here is a chart of the items he sells and the price:

Mining Helmet8 Gold Coins
Piggy Bank1 Gold Coin
Iron Anvil50 Silver Coins
Copper Pickaxe5 Silver Coins
Copper Axe4 Silver Coins
Torch50 Copper Coins
Lesser Healing Potion3 Silver Coins
Safe (Must defeat Skeletron)50 Gold Coins
Lesser Mana Potion (Must have at least 20 Mana)10 Silver Coins
Wooden Arrow10 Copper Coins
Shuriken20 Copper Coins
Glowstick (Only at night)20 Copper Coins
Throwing Knife (Only on Blood Moon)50 Copper Coins

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