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The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom Review

This XBOX Live Arcade game has you assuming the role of PB Winterbottom a pie hungry thief whose only love in life is to steal and eat pies. You will be trying to capture a very elusive pie, but on the way you'll have to solve puzzle after puzzle to unlock other levels to get your closer to that pie.

I  really like the graphical style they went with in this game. Almost entirely black and white with an old silent film type of feel to it. This is even further enforced with the mechanism of recording doubles in order to solve a level.

The music continues the feel of the old silent films. Outside of that you're not going to hear much sound coming from this game.

the controls are very easy to pick up. You're only going to need to learn as you go, and once you've done that you'll find that the controls aren't going to hinder you from trying to figure out how to defeat a level.

The story is that you had a ton of pies, and then somehow you run into a magical pie that you have to have. In  doing so you are transported to an alternate dimension in which you can create clones of yourself doing specific acts. This will allow for you to collect all the pies when you hit the switch that will make them appear. You'll find that some of the levels will have you collecting the pies in any order, while other levels will force you to collect pies in a specific order. There are several different sections in the game and if you can defeat them all perhaps that pie will be yours.

This is a fun and challenging puzzle game that needs to be looked at. Yes there are some frustrating levels, but I feel that its not frustrating enough that I want to never play the game again. Also because of the difficulty of some levels there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you pull off that miracle of collecting the last pie just as the timer runs out. Also take into consideration that each level has a cap for the amount of clones you can have active. This game gets an 8.3 out of 10.

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