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    The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jul 22, 1999

    Enter the role of Tron Bonne in her mission to save her brothers Tiesel and Bon from a rival air pirate in this quirky prequel to the Megaman Legends universe.

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    The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is the prequel to the Mega Man Legends series, released for PlayStation in 2000. The main plot centers around the Bonne family, the infamous and recurring rivals of Mega Man Volnutt.

    The player takes the role of Tron Bonne, the sister of Teisel and Bon who have been kidnapped by a rival air pirate named Lex Loath (and his agent named Glyde) because of a large unpaid debt. Loath is demanding that the Bonne family pay him the 1,000,000 Zenny loan that they owe him or else Tiesel and Bon will never be seen again.


    Searching for Zenny in Free Mode.
    Searching for Zenny in Free Mode.

    The gameplay revolves around Tron undertaking many mini-game type missions in order to raise funds in order to pay back the debt. Some of these mini-games include missions such as:

    • Robbing banks and dealing with an overly ambitious rookie cop named Denise Marmalade
    • A "free mode" where you explore a large, tiered ruin, that can only be explored as you unlock various weapons and items
    • Arranging and collecting crates at a dock to collect Zenny
    • Excavating mines with the help of servbots and other fellow diggers to find the Aurora Stones

    A central theme of the game is Tron Bonne's relationship with all of her servbots. In addition to upgrading them individually, Tron can also pick one as her favorite. During missions Tron uses a beacon to give the servbots instructions. This is usually either to raid a location for zenny and items, or distract an enemy.

    A lot of the graphics and overall feel is borrowed from Mega Man Legends. All of the characters are very cartoony, expressive and have much of the same charm and appeal of traditional Japanese anime.



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