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As you make your way through Ascension City, a vacant parking lot turns into a warzone as the Mohole emerges from underground to do battle against Nathan Spencer. Its mission: eradicate Rad Spencer and help bring doom to Ascension City. The Mohole employs a handful of special moves to fight the player with, namely a giant laser beam and the ability to burrow underground and jet towards the character at incredibly fast speeds. Players have to duck and avoid all these moves. In order to be defeated, players will have to shoot at the blue laser eye on until the Mohole flops to the ground in a stunned state. At this point, hooking onto the eye will cause the player to be tossed up into the air. While in the air, you can do a ground pound move that does massive damage to the eye.

Easter Egg

The dialogue of the Mohole encounter has an Easter Egg that changes what Super Joe says to Nathan "Rad" Spencer. During most restarts, the player will hear Super Joe say "There's no way out, you'll just have to fight it!", which is often met with a reluctant piece of dialogue from Rad. However, after enough restarts, Super Joe changes the line to "There's no way out, you'll just have to fuck it!", which is then met with Rad saying "Ummm..." in disbelief.

Another line, while not an Easter Egg, is at the beginning of the fight. Nathan "Rad" Spencer doles out the line "Is that a long life bar, or are you just happy to see me?" when the Mohole first emerges from the ground, breaking the fourth wall.

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