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    The Moon That Never Sets

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    The Moon That Never Sets is the final location you travel to in the game The Legend of Dragoon. It has deep mythological meaning.

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    Area Information

    Swift Dragon 847-894HP
    Death Rose 2000-2200HP
    Unicorn 1268-1300HP
    Claire 2200-2400HP
    Psyche Druid 1852-2168HP
    Roulette Face 1940-2400HP
    Indora 2500-2900HP
    Triceratops 3127-3250HP
    Michael 1500-2000HP
    Trap Plant 1620-1786HP
    Mad Skull 784-1025HP
    Dark Doel-Shadow Blade  1000HP
    Dark Doel-Light Sword  1000HP
    Dark Doel  1500HP
    Archangel  2800-3000HP
    Super Virage-Arm  3000HP
    Super Virage-Head  10000HP
    Zieg Feld  12000HP
    Melbu Frahma  42000HP

    Item Shop
    Healing Fog 30G
    Healing Breeze 50G
    Sun Rhapsody 50G
    Angel's Prayer 30G
    Depetrifier 30G
    Mind Purifier 20G
    Body Purifier 10G
    Panic Bell 20G
    Poison Needle 20G

    Frozen Jet
    Down Burst
    Spectral Flash
    Flash Hall
    Golden Dragon's Armor
    Night Raid
    Burning Wave
    Gravity Grabber
    Detonate Arrow

    Weapon Shop
    Claymore 500G
    Halberd 500G
    Basher 500G
    Destroyer Mace 500G
    Red DG Armor 800G
    Jade DG Armor 800G
    Gold DG Armor 800G
    Silver DG Armor 800G
    Dark DG Armor 800G
    Blue DG Armor 800G
    Magical Ring 600G
    Spiritual Ring 600G
    Attack Badge 1000G
    Guard Badge 1000G
    Giganto Ring 1000G

    The Moon That Never Sets is a mysterious moon around the planet of The Legend of Dragoon. It is a central part in much of a commonly accepted mythology story about the creation of the world and it's inhabitants.

    In the story, a tree called the Divine Tree grew. From it, every species of life was created, up to 108 species. The humans and Viragos and dragons were among the last species. It was 11,000 years prior to the events of The Legend of Dragoon, when the final species, the God of Destruction Virage Embryo, came to be. It's purpose was to be the ender of all other life. The Winglies, at the time the dominant species, stopped it, and separated it's soul from it's body. That body was cast into the sky, where it became The Moon That Never Sets. The soul was sealed in crystal, and it's power was used by the Winglie leader Melbu Frahma. It ended up getting destroyed, unleashing the spirit into the world, to continuously attempt to reconnect to it's body.

    Every 108 years, the soul will attempt to make it to it's body, one way or another. In order to bring The Moon That Never Sets down, the soul must destroy all signets holding it up, with the divine moon objects. This gets achieved in spite of the group's best efforts, so the Moon comes down on the Divine Tree. The soul then meets with it's body, and the Virage Embryo is reborn, but Melbu Frahma, at the last second, replaced Shana to harness the power and become the God of Destruction.

    This is related to the Black Monster as well. The Black Monster was created to appear every 108 years as well, and to destroy the carrier of the soul of the God of Destruction, as well as every nearby soul that could become it's new host. However, the last time the Black Monster appeared, it failed to kill the actual Moon Child, thus resulting in the prophecy being likely to go through.

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