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    The Moon

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    The moon is the ultimate incarnation of anger. Its angry gaze constantly looking upon Termina as it slowly descends upon the world bringing Armageddon in its wake.

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    In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the land of Termina is given three days until the great moon crashes into the the Earth and brings the end of the world. Link sets out on his quest to discover the connection between the moon falling and the mysterious Skull Kid who seems to be behind it all. During the course of three days, Link searches through dungeons to find a way to stop the moon's descent, stopping only to turn back time and return the moon to it's place in the sky.

    Once Link summons four giants to hold up the moon, he is finally able to traverse the surface and destroy Majora's Mask, which has taken control of the Skull Kid. Once he lands on the moon, Link finds a serene landscape inhabited only by five children, four of whom dance playfully around a beautiful tree while the other sits against it. If the player gives the Children of the Moon all of the collectible masks in the game, they receive the powerful Fierce Deity Mask, which can be used to more easily vanquish bosses, including Majora, the final boss.

    Once Link destroys Majora, the mask loses all of its evil power, and the great moon returns to the sky.

    Hyrule Warriors

    The moon of Majora's Mask makes a special appearance in Hyrule Warriors. By the power of the Great Fairy, the hookshot can extend into the sky and pull the moon toward the surface, slamming into aerial foes.


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