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The Mummy is a 2000 action horror developed by Konami. Although a tie-in to the movie, the game only follows Rick O' Connell in and around the tombs in 'The City of the Dead'; apart from one bonus level set in Cairo. Most of the game takes place in the dark, claustrophobic tomb environments of the film.


The Mummy is presented in seperate levels, however, there is a 'home world' element within the tomb that the player returns to after several levels. The player needs to collect a number of relics in the level to complete it. The gameplay is divided into three components; action, puzzle and platforming. The action is simple, traditional 3rd person shooting of the era - the player's weapons will lock-on to a range of enemies from scarabs to mummified priests with weapons. The puzzles include collecting parts, using levers in sequence and using torches to light areas and mirrors. The platforming consists of jumping onto platforms over lava and bottomless pits, climbing and sections of 2D side-scrolling of timed jumping over rolling barrels.


The weapons have limited ammunition throughout the game. There is a lock-one system that fixes to the closest enemy. Some of the weapons can also be used as tools to solve certain puzzles. The weapons in the game are:

  • Fists
  • Torch
  • Machete
  • Pistols
  • Shotgun
  • Machine Gun
  • Dynamite
  • Ancient Amulets

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