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    The Ocean of Tears

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    The Ocean of Tears is the ocean that separates Antonica and Faydwer. Its name comes from when the elves were forced to flee their homeland and settle in Faydwer.

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    Seafury Isle
    Seafury Isle

    Ocean of Tears gets its name from the elves who crossed these waters after their homeland was burnt to the ground by Solusek Ro. The elves left Antonica (then known as Tunaria) and travelled to Faydwer in search of a new home. The ocean is quite large and features many small islands along the trade routes that two boats travel back and forth from Freeport to Butcherblock Mountains. Upon entering the ocean from Freeport, the ship will almost immediately stops at an island inhabited by the Sisters of Erollisi, who are a group of wood elves and half elves that left the city of Kelethin in order to freely worship the goddess of love. They are friendly to all good-natured travelers and offer to trade many goods. Directly across from the Sisters isle to the north is an isle inhabited by a legion of ferocious goblins. Strangely, there is also a high elf on this isle known as the Oracle of K'Arnon, who is protected by his trusted bodyguard. To the east of the SIsters Isle is where lucky adventurers tell tales of spotting the Ancient Cyclops. Many adventurers have waited on the these beaches for days or even weeks in hopes of spotting him to no avail.


    To the east of this isle is the largest land mass in the region, which is primarily inhabited by the Seafury clan of cyclopses. A small band of friendly pirates somehow coexist on the island with these behemoths. To the north of the Seafury isle is an isle populated with spectres who worship a mysterious dark tower. No visitors are welcome here. Along the southern edge of the ocean is another large island inhabited by more goblins. At the peak of this island is a temple where some say a monstrous lizard sometimes worships Cazic-Thule. As the boat approaches Faydwer, it passes between to rocky spires which are inhabited by sirens who lure foolhardy adventurers to leap off the boat. North of these spires is an isle inhabited by a colorful race of aviaks. Before docking in Butcherblock, ships will pass through a second set of rocky cliffs as aqua goblins glare at the passing adventurers. When travelling from Butcherblock, the boat will quickly stop at an elven outpost who offer to buy and sell goods, but not much else of interest can be found here. The boat will then swiftly travel along the northern borders of the ocean to East Freeport.

    Neighboring Zones

    Guild Halls

    Guild NameClassGuildmasterChurch
    The Sisters of ErollisiWarriorsStyria FearnonErollisi Marr

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Elesseryl Terussar (Ancient Cyclops Isle)Magician Spells
    Zachariah Reigh's InnFood, Water, General SuppliesFishing
    The Sisters of ErollisiAlcohol, Kiola Nuts


    Notable NPCs

    • Allizewsaur
    • Ancient Cyclops
    • Boog Mudtoe
    • Capt Surestout
    • Corrupted Seafury Cyclops
    • Denken Strongpick
    • Goob Mudtoe
    • Gornit
    • Guardian Of K`Arnon
    • Gull Skytalon
    • Nerbilik
    • Nyuae the Cruel
    • Oracle of K`Arnon
    • Quag Maelstrom
    • Seplawishinl Bladeblight
    • Soaring Brightfeather
    • Tainted Seafury Cyclops
    • Wiltin Windwalker

    Notable Items

    • Alluring Horn
    • Blackened Mithril Chain
    • Ebon War Spear
    • Purity Belt
    • Ring of the Ancients
    • Robe of the Grove
    • Robe of the Oracle

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