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    The Ooze

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1995

    Dr. Caine has been transformed into an ooze, and is out for revenge against his former colleagues and a way to revert back to human form.

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    The Ooze is a game for the Sega Genesis that was released in 1995, late in the console's lifespan. Developed by the Sega Technical Institute and published by its parent company, it was originally intended as a launch title for the Sega Nomad handheld, but was instead released as a Genesis game. This game was later added on to Sonic Mega Collection Plus as an unlockable title.


    The Ooze takes place from an top-down perspective. The main character is a puddle of ooze with a head. He can move around and has two attacks. One is stretching out a steerable pseudopod of ooze whose length is only limited by how much ooze he currently has to attack, which can also be guided around with the control pad. He can also spit gobs of ooze, although this takes off a bit of his puddle. Enemy attacks can cut off a bit of the ooze, and the player will die either if his puddle of ooze is reduced to a very small amount or if his head is attacked directly. He can also die by dropping off the edges of certain areas, or staying on a drain for too long.


    The Ooze starts with Dr. Caine, an excellent scientist who invented an achromatic odorless toxic gas and its antidote. He sneaked into the research lab where he worked in order to find evidence that crimes were being conducted by using the toxic gas he created. He was discovered by his colleagues and disposed of by means of chemical waste. Little did his former colleagues know that the chemicals did not kill him; instead, they altered him into The Ooze.

    Swearing revenge, the doctor sought two things: his former colleagues and to assume his human form once again. He must find the DNA helices scattered throughout the wasteland or else end up in a jar.


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