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#1 Posted by atlantabrave04 (141 posts) -

Would this game be worth getting if I don't have Xbox Live?

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#2 Posted by Irishjohn (623 posts) -

If you haven't played any of the Half-Life games yet, then yes, you have to get this game.  Portal is also fantastic.  You miss out on Team Fortress 2, but that's it.  Even without TF2 it's a fantastic deal.

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#3 Posted by pause422 (6325 posts) -

I would say its worth getting,TF2 is only a small part of that game.You're still getting  HL2 and both episodes after it,and portal also. Especially since they dropped the price to only 40$ new. If you haven't played those games yet, its definitely a must have,HL2 is one of the best fps made ,same with the quality of the other 2 episodes. And (unless its just isn't your thing) I've never really heard any complaints about portal,its really awesome,short but awesome.

Anyway,totally worth buying.

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#4 Posted by Demodocus (284 posts) -

Its definitely worth getting. Its a perfect way to have HL2 and both of the episodes on one disc. Portal is surprisingly awesome. I just bought it for $34 used at Gamestop. For that price, MUST BUY for anyone who somewhat likes first person shooters.

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#5 Posted by ShaneDev (1702 posts) -

Its a fantastic  deal and even if you don't go online its still fantastic , besides i found that TF2 was fun but really laggy and not many people played it.

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#6 Posted by atlantabrave04 (141 posts) -

Thanks guys, I'll probably get it then.

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#7 Posted by YuXing (72 posts) -

The orange box is the deal of the century!!!

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#8 Posted by atlantabrave04 (141 posts) -

I'm getting it after I finish the first Half-Life

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#9 Posted by zombie2011 (5502 posts) -

Yeah, especially since its under $20 now, thats why i picked it up.

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