Tf2 xbox 360 updates

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Any updates coming for tf2 xbox 360 soon?

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Never has the nope.avi been more appropriate. Still refuse to post it though.

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That's funny because why the fuck are you playing TF2 on an Xbox?

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Not gonna happen.

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I was about to say yeah then I remembered that Microsoft are cunts.

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Microsoft wanted to charge for them and Valve didn't. Thus TF2 is dead on 360 and kicking arse on PC.

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I remember Valve saying that they were going to update it a few years ago, but at this point, I wouldn't count on it.

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Just play it on the PC now that it is free, you can even plug in a 360 controller and play with that.

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@RobotHamster said:

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I gave up hope a long time ago, duder. 
Whatever, though. I still enjoy it on the 360 to this day, more than any multiplayer shooter. 2fort is beckoning me as we speak!
If I'm ever able to acquire a PC that can play TF2, I might just use a controller because I'm so comfortable with it. Right around 1,000 hours with TF2 360, I don't think I can undo that with using a keyboard and mouse. (In before "lol u will get destroyed hurr". I'm a modest guy, but I can also say that I'm more than capable.)

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No, they've already said that the updates are way to big data wise to even be able to put on 360 without charging for them, and they don't wanna do that.

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You forgot the part about how it's 7000 MB. That might screw some people over.
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@RobotHamster said:

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@Fattony12000 said:

1.7 GHz Processor 
512MB RAM 
DirectX® 8.1 level Graphics Card 
Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP 
Really? Really?

1.80 GHz Processor
This is a computer that was first available to the market in 2002/2003. I can barely run a browser, let alone a video game. And even if I met the minimum requirements, it wouldn't run amazingly and it wouldn't look great either. What would be the point in dicking around with the PC version when I have the 360 version that would look and run somewhat better than what I'd be able to output on a PC that met minimum requirements? 
Seeing as how I inherited this computer, I've no room to complain and I haven't. Don't be a condescending, assuming jerk with your italicized really's.
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@Video_Game_King: Well, I didn't forget, Valve don't mention it on their spec sheet on And whilst it is a hefty load, multiple/large capacity hard drives have been fairly commonplace and cheap for quite some time now. Even old systems still running XP for example (for gaming purposes or whatever), would in most cases have had their HDD upgraded, in terms of capacity/speed/cache. 
The USA has had 4.7 GB DVDs since March 1st, 1997. It has been a fairly long standing trend that people's home computers have significantly higher capacity (long term) memory built into their machine, than what you would find on any media they insert into it for gaming/backup/work purposes.
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I only say it because I have had shitty computers for most of my life (either inherited or passed down to me). I even BOUGHT, yes BOUGHT, a Geforce 5200 FX video card back in those dark days. With money.
How can I possibly, possibly, be condescending after admitting something that?
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@Fattony12000: Dude has issues with PC users. Don't pay him any mind.

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@MrKlorox: It's all this crazy content that you get for free, for FREE, that is the main draw here I suppose. I'm more than happy for people to play with what they got, I do the same myself (I also own the Orange Box on X360 in fact), but even still... 
I HAD A GEFORCE FX FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, and I think these min specs are more than reasonable in this day and age.
The real big thing here is that Valve have pretty much removed the last barrier to entry, you basically can't afford not to have this game now. Literally. 


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@Fattony12000: Cute.
If you're going to just throw specifications in my face and then assume I should at least meet those requirements, and then asking "really" twice, it's condescending. "Really? You don't even meet these requirements like everyone else, you peasant? Really?"

It doesn't matter if you have a backstory that I wasn't even aware of before you made your initial post, and I don't think it excuses you trying to make me feel like shit.
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@MrKlorox said:

@Fattony12000: Dude has issues with PC users. Don't pay him any mind.

Oh. Oh good god. Are you kidding me? You're seriously going to troll me because of a past bout between us?
And to think I was thinking about having to cover my ass in my last post saying I have no alignment and I love all videogames, whatever platform. But then I thought I didn't have to; people can figure that out for themselves, as I'm not 12. I guess not.
If I had the money, I'd buy a new PC right friggin' now. There are so many games I want to play on the PC. 
Yes, I have a problem with PC users. Just like I do with some 360 users, PS3 users... there's no favorite here.

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