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    The Orange Box

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Oct 09, 2007

    The Orange Box is a video game compilation that packages Half-Life 2 (including Episode 1 and Episode 2), Team Fortress 2, and Portal into one.

    mscortana's Orange Box, The (Xbox 360) review

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    Innovative and a Must Buy

    The Half-Life series is the heart of The Orange Box. If you have not previously played any of the Half-Life series, then these three games alone are well worth the purchase of this game. I played through Half-Life2 and Episodes 1&2 within a matter of days and found myself engaged with the storyline and at times, I could not put the controller down.

    This sci-fi shooter utilizes the source engine as well as a physics engine that is a great addition and enhances the characters and the captivating environment. While navigating throughout the Half-Life universe, you will encounter hostile creatures, an impressive use of logic and the opportunity to operate a few different vehicles. This journey would not be complete without a wide variety of weapons to assist in your objectives. My favorite and most interesting is the zero point energy field manipulator or otherwise called a "gravity gun." This single weapon enhances the Half-Life experience ten fold and provides countless hours of enjoyment merely by utilizing this weapon. Upon the conclusion of Episode 2, the storyline had consumed me and I shed a few tears (yes you read that correctly) as the tragic ending left me longing to finish this most entrancing story.

    Portal is another fascinating addition to The Orange Box. Its intense focus on intellectual exercises and quirky dialect creates an innovative experience. Portal will question logic, reason and test your ability to think outside the box. This particular game demands a keen sense of perception and awareness of your environment. I enjoyed this game immensely. Although, I thought the conclusion did not live up, intellectually, to the rest of the game.

    Finally, Team Fortress 2 is a team-based first person shooter that is the multiplayer element to The Orange Box. There is a rank to suit all needs within this game and your choice of character is critical on your objectives. They have also implemented a feature that compiles detailed statistics of every game you play. My pet peeve with this game is the lack of a standard tutorial, which was disappointing, for new users. Instead it offers a spectator perspective to give you a feel for the game. You essentially have to dive in and proceed through trial and error.

    Valves conception of The Orange Box is a great investment and a must-have. The Orange Box delivers an experience like no other and in my humble opinion should set a precedent in the gaming industry, as this game epitomizes value.

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