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    The Orange Box

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Oct 09, 2007

    The Orange Box is a video game compilation that packages Half-Life 2 (including Episode 1 and Episode 2), Team Fortress 2, and Portal into one.

    hamz's Orange Box, The (PC) review

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    PC version review, a must buy for all PC gamers!

    The Orange Box contains 5 games that are all considered A+ titles by fans and professionals alike. The Half Life series has always had critical acclaim and the sequels HL2, Ep1 and Ep2 are no different. These three games continue the story and the gameplay to one of the best PC FPS series ever created. While there are some minor downsides to the HL2 episodes in that their rather short gameplay length and lack of any new weaponry etc can come across as boring. The emotional story, intense action and constant improvements to the Source engine have caused the series to constantly improve upon itself. You can't call yourself a gamer, and definately a PC gamer, if you don't own the Half Life and Half Life 2 games.

    Portal is the little gem of this package. Its short single player campaign is a perfect mix of gameplay, puzzle solving and black humour in the form of the games antagonist, GLaDoS. An intuative game with a lot of inovation to make it stand out in a crowd. No other puzzle game has used portals as a method to solve said puzzles and no other game has managed to make such a concept so successfull. Definately a brilliant game and with the possibility of Mods for the PC version its well worth a look.

    Team Fortress 2 is probably the best piece of the Orange Box because of its online play. PC games are all about the online play and TF2 definately delivers a solid experience. The many classes in the game are well balanced and very unique, no two feel the same, and compliment one another well. Since release Valve have added achievements to both the Medic and Pyro class and intend to continue adding them for the other classes. If your into that sort of thing then TF2 is a big must, a lot of the achievements are challenging and yet highly amusing. Not to mention they in a way force players to try out other classes they may never have played before.

    Overall the Orange Box is quite possibly the best gaming package to ever be created. Five games for the price of one, five awesome games. If your a PC gamer then i suggest definately buying this as you really cant find a better deal or justify calling yourself a PC gamer when you dont own such an awesome array of games.

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      If you like gaming, have a PC that’s not yet a museum piece, but you don’t yet own The Orange Box (or all the games that comprise this amazing collection), do yourself a favor: Stop reading this article, go to the Steam page of The Orange Box, purchase it for for $30 and let it download in the background while you continue with this post. It’s that good.Released in October 2007, The Orange Box is a compilation of some of the best titles produced by Valve Software: Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episo...

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      You can't go wrong with The Orange Box 0

      Seriously I hate really short detail-less reviews. But theres no point in even trying here.If your reading this your either bored or you want to confirm that yes the game is really that good, or your thinking about buying it.Time to stop thinking.Odds are near 100% you already know what Half Life and Half Life 2 are well this awesome box comes like Half Life 2 / HL2 Episode 1 and Episode 2. This already is a huge value as Half life 2 is about 15 hours and each episode is geared twoards 5 hours.A...

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