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    The Outfit

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 13, 2006

    The Outfit is a squad based 3rd person shooter set during WWII in Europe as you have the choice of taking control of three different characters, commanding their squads, calling in destruction and defeating the Nazi war machine.

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    The Outfit is a squad-based 3rd person shooter developed by Relic for the Xbox 360. It was released March 13, 2006 to underwhelming reviews,

    Destruction On Demand
    Destruction On Demand

    although it was the first Xbox 360 game to have a pre-launch demo. Set in a War-torn Nazi invaded Europe, the player has the choice to play as one of the three different Outfit squad leaders, each with different weapons and traits. At the beginning of each level players our dropped at a American controlled strategic point, the main goal being to slowly work through the level capturing the rest of the points from the Nazi's while completing special missions such as protecting a tank or shooting down Nazi planes. During the game, the player will have the ability to command a 5 man squad with basic commands such as Assault or Suppress, the death of squad members will result in the player having to spend Command Points (gained by capturing Strategic Points) to have reinforcements dropped in. Command Points are also used on The Outfits claim to fame "Destruction on Demand" where players can order things such as Tanks, Cars, Reinforcements, Turrets and Airstrikes to be dropped from the sky, therefore rewarding players for capturing strategic points.


    Captain Deuce Williams
    Captain Deuce Williams

    As the leader of The Outfit, Deuce has had to earn the respect from his men in battle. He's even turned down multiple promotions in order to remain in the battle where he can fight with his men.

    Primary Weapons:

    • Bazooka - Most effective against vehicles and emplacements, its shots travel in an arc rather than a straight line. Learn how to gauge your distance for maximum accuracy.
    • Heavy Bazooka - The nasty big brother of the bazooka, it packs a wallop that scares tank commanders out of their cockpits.
    • Anti-Tank Rifle - This monster's incredible firepower has made it Deuce's weapon of choice.

    Secondary Weapons:

    • .45 Revolver - Deuce's 7.5 inch barreled, .45 caliber pride and joy. Deadly at short range.
    • Frag Grenade - Effective against both infantry and armor, it dishes out damage in a wide radius.
    Lieutenant John Davis 'J.D.' Tyler
    Lieutenant John Davis 'J.D.' Tyler

    Though J.D. Tyler was born and raised in New York City, he spent his early days in New England, where his grandfather taught him stealth, tracking and marksman skills.

    Primary Weapons:

    • Light Rifle - Delivers quick, potent, highly accurate shots. Ineffective against armor, emplacements and structures.
    • Rifle - More powerful than the Light Rifle and with a faster rate of fire, its improved zoom makes it especially lethal.
    • Sniper Rifle - A long range, high accuracy weapon. It sports the best zoom, excellent accuracy, and deadly stopping power.

    Secondary Weapons:

    • Trench Shotgun - Fires a wide blast of buckshot pellets. Use this for up close and personal situations where lethality is ensured.
    • Molotov Cocktail - A bottle filled with J.D.'s special blend of explosives and a lit fuse. Devastating to vehicles and infantry alike.
    Sergeant Thomas 'Mac' Macintyre
    Sergeant Thomas 'Mac' Macintyre

    Tommy Mac is a big Iowa farm boy. All brawn and no finesse, his straightforward style and incredible strength have earned him a reputation for getting the job done.

    Primary Weapons:

    • Grease Gun - A compact .45 caliber machine pistol. Excellent in close quarters.
    • Sub-Machine Gun - Every grunt's best friend. It packs a heavy punch and higher accuracy than the Grease Gun.
    • Light Machine Gun - Meant for use in emplacements, Tommy's incredible strength allows him to fire this beast from the shoulder.

    Secondary Weapons:

    • Flamethrower - Fires a high-pressure jet of flaming liquid. A horribly destructive anti-infantry and vehicle weapon.
    • Sticky Bomb - The poster child for improvised explosive devices. One of these slapped on your tank is a one-way ticket to Hell, expenses paid.

    Campaign Missions

    1. Beachhead
    2. Into the Fray
    3. Yo Adrienne
    4. Mortain
    5. Assault on Rochereau
    6. See the Light
    7. Sole Survivors
    8. Vengeance
    9. Crossing Over
    10. Iron Zeppelin
    11. The Gates of Hell
    12. The Fortress


    The Outfit's main multiplayer feature is Online Versus, in which two teams of eight battle for control of the strategic objectives. When players pick the Axis, they will have the choice of three German characters from the story mode, each of which have almost parallel weapons and traits to those of the allies. There are thirteen maps with an additional 3 maps as DLC.

    The Outfit's second multiplayer feature is split-screen Co-op which allows 2 players on the same console to play through the story mode together, allowing for even more destruction!


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