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    The Pain

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    The Pain is the second boss in Metal Gear Solid 3. He attacks Naked Snake with bees.

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    The Pain is the first of the Cobra Unit to fight Naked Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. He attacks Snake with swarms of hornets that he commands and also uses grenades and a tommy gun to inflict pain. He is horrendously deformed from the amount of hornet stings he has recieved from his winged comrads. His hornets have the ability to carry people into the air and to pierce skin like bullets. The Pain is a shining example of how diverse Snake Eater's boss battles are.  


    The Pain has the ability to control hornets by using the a queen that he keeps in the pack on his hips, he controls them by using the queens sound and pheromones that he throws at enemies to more easily guide the hornets. Apart from the hornets he commands, The Pain also uses a Tommy Gun and grenades that are summoned by the hornets. He can also make a protective barrier with the hornets that can only be broken with heavy weaponry. In addition to this defensive capability, The Pain can also create clones of himself made from the hornets.

    The pain doesn't only control hornets he has also grown special hornets inside his own body that he calls "Bullet Bees". He removes his balaclava and the bullet bees are expeled from his mouth. These hornets are much faster than the regular hornets and if they come in contact with the enemy, they burrow into the flesh and start to eat the victim away from the inside until they die.

    Boss Fight

    Snake was found by The Pain when he was fighting against Major Ocelot at the Bolshaya Past Crevice. The Pain sent out hornets to both Snake and Ocelot as well as the Ocelot Unit, Ocelot escapsed by distroying most of the hornets through hitting them with the SAA's he carries but Snake was forced to escape into the crevice. After traversing the crevice Snake comes upon a large open section of the cave that had been flooded. After been defeated, The Pain's microbomb that was implanted into him to assure no secrects could be released to the ememy he explodes killing him and his swarm.


    • If Snake throws a hornet's nest at The Pain durring the fight he is able to capture some of the bullet bees, causing the nest to regenerate more stamina than a normal hornet's nest.     
    • If The Pain is taken out through non-lethal means he will drop the  Hornet Stripe. This camouflage stops hornets, spiders and leeches from attacking Snake. It also makes the hornets shot out of their nest will follow Snake and attack near by soldiers.

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