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Released in Japan as Rushing Beat Shura (ラッシング・ビート 修羅), The Peace Keepers is the third title in the Rushing Beat series of brawlers, following Rival Turf! and Brawl Brothers. Like its previous US localizations, the story is rewritten and unrelated from those of the previous games. It was released in Japan on the 17th of December 1993 and later in the US in March 1994.


The game plays a lot like contemporary brawlers such as Final Fight. The player can move horizontally and vertically along a two-dimensional field where they have to fight off waves of enemies with kicks, punches, throws and life bar consuming special attacks. The game features several branching paths with their own stages, cut scenes and boss fights as well as multiple endings. The game features six playable characters and allows for co-op play with up to four players using the SNES multitap accessory. A two player versus mode is also available in the game, allowing players to fight each other with the game's selectable characters.


After the damage caused by the economic wars of 2011 left the world in turmoil, the Deutchland Moldavia Corporation led by a man named Trip Iago rose to power and acquired most of the world's land and resources. By 2015, they have nearly conquered the entire world. With their power unchecked, the DM corporation sets out to fuse their bio-genetic and nanotechnology research to create a super being to further the vision of their corrupt leader. It's now up to four people affected by the ill deeds of the DM Corporation and its genetic experiments to seek revenge on the corporation for its crimes against humanity.


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