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    The Penguin

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    The Penguin is a short deformed man who is one of Batman's greatest foes. He builds high tech umbrellas and uses them as weapons. He also seems to have an unusual obsession with birds.

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    Born Oswald Cobblepot, but better known as The Penguin, this portly villain has appeared in the Batman comics for decades, was portrayed in the classic Batman TV show by Burgess Meredith, Danny DeVito in Batman Returns, and most recently by famed video game voice actor Nolan North in Batman: Arkham City as a particularly British Penguin.

    Batman: Arkham City

    The Penguin appears in Arkham City as the leader of one of the gangs in the game, and as such there are many thugs working for him that wear penguin inspired outfits. Penguin operates primarily out of an old museum, which (for some reason) includes a giant room filled with water where his pet shark lives. Unfortunately for Batman, there is no Bat-Shark Repellent in the game. Even more unlikely is that the shark is not the deadliest foe hidden within the depths of the museum, as the undead Solomon Grundy resides there as well.


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