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The official Youtube page for Pinball Arcade has a bunch of new videos up...

Here are a couple, but there are more at the link above for all of the announced tables.

Ripley's Believe It Or Not & Black Hole (!!!!):

Can't wait for this...the Williams Collection from a few years back is still easily my favorite video pinball game ever. No release date yet but it says "early 2012" so I'd assume within a month or two.

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Holy crap, Black Hole?!?! Thanks for sharing! Didn't even know about this!

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@ccampb89 said:

Holy crap, Black Hole?!?! Thanks for sharing! Didn't even know about this!

Yeah, it's gonna follow the Pinball FX2 model of releasing tables as DLC, apparently 2 a month. Trying to temper my expectations but even the minor possiblity of getting stuff like T2 or Twilight Zone is pretty exciting. The licensing would probably be a bitch for a lot of them but I've got my fingers crossed. I'm sure a lot will depend on how successful this is to begin with.

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If they get Twilight Zone (and do it up right), I'll never need another pinball sim.

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My friend had this on his tablet and it seems pretty cool. I will definitely check it out when it comes to the Xbox marketplace.

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