Release - late March '12

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From the FB page:

As of today, we are still projecting a launch on iOS and Android later this month and confident that we’ll hit it. We are doing our best to be a launch title for PS Vita in February, and the Mac version will also release then. The 360, PS3, and PC versions will be released at the end of March. We’ll use this extra time to improve the game and address as many of the comments that you’ve given us as we can. Please help spread the word about the game if you like what you’ve seen. For The Pinball Arcade to be successful and continue delivering tables for years to come, we’re going to need a lot of help getting people to notice us."

Have a sense of dread that this game won't take off and DLC will be cut off within 3 or 4 months, but I'll hope for the best and try to get as many people as possible to check it out.

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I wasn't going to bother with the Android version, but I guess I'll give it a shot since it's releasing so much sooner than the PC and console versions. Hopefully having it available on so many platforms will help sales hit what they need to in order for them to continue supporting it.

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I always have an interest in pinball games and I really enjoyed the Williams Collection on PS3 ( still upset my 100% on the title didn't include a platinum trophy). This is on my list of 2012 Vita titles to purchase.

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Haven't been able to try it myself yet but it's out now on Android and iOS. Have heard good things although I expected nothing less from the guys who did the Williams Collection game.

For some reason it's not compatible with my phone according to the Android marketplace...not sure why, it should meet the technical requirements...then again, I don't really want to play pinball on my phone. A little over a month to go if the XBox/PS3/PC version stays on track.

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