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Just an FYI for anyone waiting for the PC version of Pinball Arcade, they just announced that they're trying to get on STEAM via the Greenlight program. See below for details (and to vote):

Many of you have been patiently (OK, not so patiently) awaiting news about the PC version of the Pinball Arcade. We are excited to announce that it is finally ready! We would like to partner with the Steam online gaming platform to distribute the PC version (including the PC version of the Star Trek: The Next Generation table for our backers) but we need your help. Steam uses a greenlight process to decide which games to distribute based on the number of votes a game receives. Please take a minute to cast a vote for the Pinball Arcade. As a small thank-you we've put together a new video that includes a glimpse of the upcoming Elvira and the Party Monsters table- check it out and cast a vote by following this link:

We have just over two days to go before the closing of the Star Trek: The Next Generation project. Don't miss out on the cool rewards- backing the Kickstarter project will be the only way to get some of them!

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Fucking voted!

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Shouldn't ports from Xbox or PS3 be auto accepted to Steam? Since that kinda indicates that the game isn't a broken, unplayable piece of dog shit.

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Pinball FX 2 is great, but Pinball Arcade is easily the best (and only legal) way to get authentic real world tables in digital pinball. Star Trek: TNG is going to be amazing. I love that table.

Voted. You should too.

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@zaglis said:

Shouldn't ports from Xbox or PS3 be auto accepted to Steam? Since that kinda indicates that the game isn't a broken, unplayable piece of dog shit.

Steam does not seem to be much of a fan of pinball and have denied Farsight a couple of times. So they decided to try for Greenlight to force the issue. Or so the rumors go.

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Can't believe this still hasn't made it onto Steam. The Greenlight system completely snubs niche games.

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Hope this goes through. Having the Twilight Zone table on my PC would be amazing.

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Voted, lets get this on Steam.

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Voted. This needs to happen.

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Hey guys its greenlit!

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Voted it some time ago, now it is your time to fulfill your duty!

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