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    The Postal Dude

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    The Postal Dude is a murderer, and kind of a dick all in all, but one thing remains the same: no matter the twisted acts he performs, he regrets nothing.

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    The Postal dude is a moniker applied to two different characters in the fictional universe of Postal. He is a man labelled as a psychopath and shunned by society, who really just wants to be left alone but is never so lucky. He is the title character of the series and so far has been confirmed to have been in the second and third instalments (the first game the character is only "known" as the postal dude, not much else is known about him and he could be the father of the second Dude because at the end of the game the character is locked in an insane asylum as suicidal images flash on the screen and the Dude's father is well known to be dead). He is an expert with weaponry and has good luck within his horrible luck. He often seems to get stuck fighting off other psychos, police, and military because as, he puts it, he has "bad social skills."

    Role In Postal 2

    The second dude, whose name is literally "Postal Dude Jr.", is the main character of Postal 2. Unlike the first Dude, Jr. isn't actually a homicidal maniac, he's just a nihilistic asshole. You follow him headfirst into his exploits at trying to please his extremely bitchy wife. As you do the mundane tasks she lays out for you it's necessary to avoid (or dispose of) all sorts of enemies such as the ATF, various protesters, Al Qaeda, and the police to name a few. As you deal with Postal Dude's horrible luck you realize he's actually not the one going insane in the game, everyone around him is! You go through the week with each day becoming progressively harder as more and more people want the Dude dead. At the end of the game due to the constant nagging of his wife he shoots himself thus starting the events of Apocalypse weekend.

    Role In Apocalypse Weekend

    Once again you follow him in his exploits as he tries to escape from paradise. He awakens in a hospital to find his wife left him, his dog has been impounded, and his trailer repossessed. You follow him through hell on earth as he fights off zombies, more terrorists, more military, and more protesters. Through the course of the games the dude takes odd jobs from various people including the RWS GM Vince Desi who was previously his boss in Postal 2. In the end after destroying Mike J (kosher god of mad cow and exec of RWS) he destroys Paradise with a nuclear device triggering the events of Postal III.

    Role in Postal movie

    Zack Ward plays the Dude in the movie, in this incarnation the dude is a loser who's down on his luck. He can't seem to find a job, his obese wife is cheating on him, and to top it all off he can't get away! In order to leave his own personal hell on earth he joins his uncle Dave in an attempt to steal an acclaimed child cartoon stars dolls to sell them online for big bucks due to them being the only ones left in existence. This spawns bad blood with Al Qaeda who wants the dolls for a bird flu that's hidden inside it for which there is no cure. Eventually his uncle is shot dead by his second in command of a doomsday cult scam created by him and that starts the dudes bad blood with them as well. A shoot out ensues which ends with the postal dude and a female barista after which they drive off in a stolen police cruiser. At the end of the movie the dude turns on the radio to learn a number of nuclear missiles are head from China to the U.S. He ties up the rest of his lose ends (blowing up his cheating wife) he utters his catchphrase (see beginning) as he, the barista, and champ drive off.


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