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There were either 5 different mini games, none of which were unique and all done better for free as flash games. However the graphics were well rendered and the game play was simple but responsive. There are also well animated scenes given as rewards for completing these mini-games. They used dialogue with the original actors taken right from the movie. The mini games follow the plot of the movie, and have a certain sense of humor to them.

The game was released in the summer or 2007 and is available to download on-line from Yahoo! games. It's available for the PC and MAC. The price varies the way casual online games do.

The Mini Games

The first level is a time management game. You play as Wesley the farm boy. You have to do what Buttercup wants you to, like water plants, gather eggs, fend off foxes, and kiss her.

There was also a trivia game against the Sicilian Kidnapper, Vizzini. The trivia consisted of facts from the movie.

In the final level you assemble a Rube Goldberg-like invention from items you collected from other challenges.

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