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The Punisher: No Mercy is a multiplayer focused game that features several Punisher-themed characters (eight at launch) to use in multiplayer matches. The title is an exclusive PlayStation Network download. Punisher: No Mercy features large interactive arenas with plenty of destructible objects that can be used to kill opponents in gruesome ways. Punisher: No Mercy is powered by Unreal Engine 3. There are plenty of real world weapons, including, an pump-action shotgun, MP5 Submachine gun, M249 SAW, M4 Carbine, a knife, Missile Launcher, a silenced UZI or TMP and other weapons. The player can carry three weapons, one long range, one short range and a special weapon. Each of the eight characters have a trademark or favorite weapon which is exclusive to them, so it becomes almost class based in a sense. Before the match, players can choose two special abilities (a la perks) called "mods."

Multiplayer spans 4 maps at launch, which are also used to structure a single player in which you play bots. Modes include Deathmatch, One-vs-Many and Co-Op. Up to 8 players can play online.


* Factory

* Docks

* Warehouse.


* Punisher

* Jigsaw

* Silver Sable

* Barracuda

* Bushwacker* Microchip


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