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Punisher fans ONLY

Its playable, I'll give it that! 

Obviously none of us expected anything other than a COD/Unreal Tourny style game, and thats exactly what we have here, so instead of judge it on what it DOESNT do, I'll instead focus on the positives.
It handles fine enough for an arena based shooter, its generic as hell when it comes to menu presentation and overall aesthetic, but it serves a very simple purpose and it serves it well.
The 'story' mode is a replica of whats found in the Unreal series, a set of arena based matches linked together with cutscenes to form a remote semblance of plot. 
The multiplayer is fine aswell, albeit a watered down version of COD4's ranking system implemented through a much easier ingame upgrade system, again this works fine just enough to get you by and grab some frags, but nothing to write home about.
The reason many of us including myself have this title is because of the Punisher branding, if this was only called No Mercy and played this way, it would not be selling whatsover.
It does serve as a neat piece of fan service, however the costume ingame is obviously meant to be a representation of the movie version, and any tie to said movie is utterly lost now considering how long it took them to put it out.
Th inclusion of Finn Cooley and Barracuda is pretty sweet as their ingame avatars are based on the MAX versions of themselves, and blowing their limbs off as they shout out is awesome, but ONLY from a Punisher fan standpoint, otherwise to anybody else, theyre just further cannonfodder.

Overall I say ONLY, ONNNLY get this if you are a complete Punisher nut, otherwise the overarching mediocrity of everthing in this game will surely turn you to play COD, Killzone or UT3 instead.
It aint great, it aint terrible, a solid 5/10

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