The Quiet Man's T-Shirt idea

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Just me fooling around. Here's my million dollar idea for The Quiet Man's tee, in case that I start suffering from retrograde amnesia.

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Not a terrible design but I can’t see myself wearing a shirt that have the words “mom’s dead” and “<3 momwife” in public

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Front of the shirt: Mom's Dead

Back of the shirt: Parkour

Amount of sales: 0

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#3 Posted by UltimateTrainer (3 posts) -

I think the momwife with the heart might give people the wrong idea with no context, but maybe thats just me

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#4 Posted by lKennedyl (175 posts) -

cowards, the lot of you

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I like the idea but wearing it in public might put you in a watch list of some kind.

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Exactly! Remember when everyone chickened out with the “I’m a Wizard and that looks fucked up!” t-shirt? Go all-in or don’t go at all with your GB t-shirts.

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