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    The Raiden Project

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 09, 1995

    The Raiden Project is a compilation of both Raiden and Raiden II.

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    The Raiden Project is one of the few home ports of the arcade games Raiden and Raiden II. Players take control of the Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter in an attempt to repel aliens who have targeted Earth as their newest victim.


    Gameplay revolves controlling the Raiden Fighter and destroying enemies while collecting power-ups and avoiding enemy fire. In Raiden I, two weapons are available in the form of a vulcan shot and a blue laser while in Raiden II, a third weapon in the form of the purple plasma laser is added. Both games also have two support weapons: dumbfire nuclear missiles and homing tracer missiles. In Raiden II, a cluster bomb is added on top of the thermonuclear bomb presented in the first game.


    The Raiden Project came with arcade ports of the first two Raiden games, but in addition also options to change the game's difficulty from Easy to Expert, original or remixed music, number of credits to start which also included free play, and the ability to set the display to horizontal making the game more akin to games like Gradius and Life Force.

    Launch Game

    The Raiden Project was a North American launch game for the original PlayStation (PSOne) back in 1995. The game launched alongside other PS1 launch titles that included:

    * Battle Arena Toshinden

    * ESPN Extreme Games

    * Kileak - The DNA Imperative

    * NBA JAM Tournament Edition

    * Rayman

    * Ridge Racer

    * Street Fighter: The Movie

    * Total Eclipse Turbo

    * Power Serve 3D Tennis


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