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The Room Review

Fireproof Games came out with this simple yet challenging game called the Room for the iOS. In the game you'll be faced with a container of some sorts covered in puzzles. If you can unlock all the puzzles you'll reveal a whole new piece that will then have more puzzles. There's also a story to go with it. There was this researcher hell bent on discovering a lost element called Null. Through his blood sweat and tears he unlocked some of the mysteries, but he didn't want to share what he found in fear that some might try to stop him, others might want to end his research permanently. So he leaves these puzzles for a person who he feels meets the bill for what he needs in a partner. That's where you come in, you'll have to prove your worth, but there's just so many puzzles, will you be able to figure them all out?

Graphically I have to say that I enjoyed the game. There was not much blockiness, and everything looked crisp so there was no vagueness to any of the puzzles. There were a variety of puzzles to pit your brain against, and I have to say they all have a special look to them, and had different solving methods. There were a couple of times where I felt that the camera angle sort of failed, but in the long haul this game was graphically very well put together.

The controls of the game are pretty simple, you're using a touchscreen so you're going to have to drag your fingers to accomplish objectives. Sometimes you have to wind stuff up, other times you have to slide things into place, push buttons, tap out a pattern, etc. You might just be touching the screen, but you'll quickly learn that you'll be doing much more than just that when it comes to solving the puzzles.

I have to admit at first I was a little skeptical of the game, and early on I wanted to use the hints as I got lost, but I have to say the more I got into this game I noticed all the little hidden pieces of the game and really got drawn in. I do wish this game was longer, i felt that once I really got my roll going, the game was over. The story was fun to read up on, but it really didn't do much for me. I was in this to defeat the puzzles. Some of them were very simple others had me scouring every inch of the object trying to find the secret to unlocking this part of the puzzle.

I have to say that if you're looking for something that can be played on the iPad or iPhone that will test your solving skills you need to check this game out. Like I said you too might find that once you've hit your stride the game is over, but that also shows that once you start really going you're completely immersed. If they ever come out with more, I'm definitely going to check it out, but as it stands now all I can say is that this game gets an 8.9 out of 10.


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