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The Rumble Fish 2 is a sequel to the original The Rumble Fish. Though the game uses many of the same visual assets as its predecessor, including menus and stages, it introduces major gameplay mechanics that drastically alter the way that the game plays. 
The game was originally released for the Sammy Atomiswave arcade hardware in 2005, and will be re-released on the NESICAxLive service in 2012.

Gameplay Changes

 The Rumble Fish 2 inherits all of the mechanics of its predecessor.
The most immediate change is to the Offensive/Defensive Gauge. In TRF2, each gauge now consists of three blocks instead of one. The respective costs of the previous game's meter-using techniques are adjusted accordingly:
  • Offensive Art: 1 OA block
  • Advanced Attack: 1 OA block
  • Jolt Attack: 1 OA block
  • Defensive Art: 2 DA blocks
  • Impact Break: 1 DA block
  • Quick Recovery: 1 DA block
  • Critical Art: 3 OA & DA blocks (Entire Meter)

In TRF2, Jolt Attack always launches, as opposed to the first game where it causes a crumple state against a standing opponent.
TRF2 introduces an aerial dodge, performed by pressing the D button while in the air; like the ground dodge, this action costs nothing and avoids certain attacks. Pressing the D button and a direction while knocked down activates a ground recovery roll. Pressing the D button while successfully landing an attack that lifts the opponent off of their feet burns one Offensive block and activates Impact Blow, which disables the opponent's ability to recover from the attack using Ground or Air Recovery.
Pressing a Punch button and a Kick button of different strengths (ie LP+SK or SP+LK) activates Boost Dive. This technique burns one Offensive and one Defensive block to activate a special, character-unique ability for a short while.


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