The Saboteur's Future

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#1 Posted by jb335 (77 posts) -

So EA recently announced that they were closing Pandemic as an independent studio, absorbing it into EA itself. Obviously The Saboteur is still coming out, but it appears that it will be the swan song of the independent Pandemic label. I'm upset to see Pandemic go--they made a bunch of good games, although Mercs 2 was super disappointing. What do you guys think about this? Will it affect DLC for the game? Is EA getting too big?

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#2 Posted by eroticfishcake (7856 posts) -

EA's already too big. As for Pandemic, it's a little sad but I think it's about time they should change. They're not as good as they used to be.

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#3 Posted by jb335 (77 posts) -

Yeah, for me pandemic's golden age ran from about Star Wars Battlefront to Mercs 1. Mercs 2 was god awful.

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#4 Posted by Jayzilla (2706 posts) -

since they canned all their folks, wouldn't it behoove us all NOT to buy the game?

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#5 Posted by Venatio (4734 posts) -

I still want The Saboteur, even though it will probably never get DLC

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#6 Posted by jb335 (77 posts) -

Yeah, I don't think DLC makes a game--I find it a little weird to add on additional story, like Mass Effect DLC does. DLC makes sense for stuff like Rock Band and Call of Duty, but these story-driven games should really just stand alone.

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#7 Posted by Subject2Change (2971 posts) -

I was never overly interested in the game in the first place, it'll be one of those discounted pick ups after a price drop or an Amazon Daily Deal sale. Sad to see a company go under but their Office Space homage video was pretty good so I give them kudos for that.

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#8 Posted by Funzzo (951 posts) -

This game looks good so I will buy it.
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#9 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6421 posts) -

The Saboteur will be awesome, the hype for this game is unbelieveable. 
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#10 Posted by cstrang (2362 posts) -

I really want this game to be good.  I think it would be only appropriate that Pandemic's last game also be their best.  I just hope that EA continues to support it after release, as some random dude posing as an EA design dude on the boards on another site said they would.

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#11 Posted by ThisArmyStud (64 posts) -

Forget what you guys think about Pandemic. I have been glued to my TV for the past 5 hours playing this EPIC, Story driven, beautiful masterpeice called Saboteur. I totally did not expect this kind of quality from them, at all.

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#12 Posted by Edin899 (689 posts) -
@Godlyawesomeguy said:
"The Saboteur will be awesome, the hype for this game is unbelieveable.  "
What hype?
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#13 Posted by Alex_V (651 posts) -

Let's face it - if The Saboteur was genuinely brilliant, EA wouldn't be closing the studio. It's a bad sign.

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#14 Posted by kamolahy (155 posts) -
@Venatio said:
" I still want The Saboteur, even though it will probably never get DLC "
I agree here. There was a time when we all played games without DLC and were happy with them. If it's a good game, it's still worth the investment. Am I also mistaken in believing that they'll absorb some of the team? Maybe there will still be developers around to work on it. 

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