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Resist the resistance 0

  Momma always taught me not to speak ill of the dead. Besides being rather disrespectful, trash-talking the deceased could result in a poltergeist occupying your residence. The last thing I need is a ghost haunting my Playstation 3; slowing download speeds for the PSN Store moreso or attacking Solid Snake during the many Metal Gear Solid 4 installation screens. Part of the cruel aftermath of the economic recession, Pandemic Studios has passed away into the great beyond. This studio has produce...

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A Fun, Albeit Flawed Ride Through 1940's Paris 1

Games taking place in World War II are nothing new. We’ve all stormed the beaches of Normandy and pushed into Berlin countless times. But how often do players get the chance to sabotage the Nazi’s plans from within with a few sticks of dynamite and a disguise? The Saboteur from Pandemic Studios attempts to capitalize on this idea with the option to sneak or blast your way through the Nazi regime.  The final product ends up offering a fun, though flawed experience.      You play as Sean Devlin, a...

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A jack of all trades (The Saboteur) 2

 Let's talk about The Saboteur. After roughly 10 hours in with 50% story done and 14% freeroam done, I have a few things to say. I'll just cut them up so you guys can browse. Stealth. The mechanic in the game works perfectly but its very hard to pull off with ease, it seems the dev's decided that would make more of a challenge I suppose. Each stealth kill has tobe done from behind(unless you wanna throw caution to the wind and try a sucker punch kill which can be done from infront) and baref...

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A Diamond in the Rough 0

If your the kind of person who needs their games to be absolutely flawless, you may have trouble enjoying The Saboteur. It's got issues sure and at times it can feel like your playing an unfinished version, but there is still a lot of fun to be had here.   The storyline isn't anything to write home about but it does an effective enough job of motivating you to keep shooting and neck-snapping your way through the story missions. You play as Sean Devlin, an Irish mechanic who has joined an Italian...

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Old school sandbox greatness.... 0

To begin, I have to say that I absolutely love The Saboteur. I know there are a ton of issues that could be considered when reviewing this title, like some minor gameplay mechanics issues, camera issues, etc, but I will focus on why I personally think this is a great game. First of all, for those complaining about story, who cares? This is a sandbox game, you go around and blow shit up, no need for a great “epic” story. There is a decent enough story going on here with the whole race car driver...

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Great Game With A Few Bad Apples 0

Ok for those of you that do not know the story is this is a nut shell. You are Sean Devlin a Irish runaway, turned racecar driver. During a race in the country of Germany you loose because a dirty cheating German named Dierker ruins your chances and takes the win. Get mad, storm Dierker's facility, best friend dies, you escape, moved to Paris and boom that's where the game starts.   Well before I start the review I must say that I have been waiting for this game for 8 years. Game Informer covere...

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Va va voom. 0

 World War II games have saturated the market for many years now. They’ve focused on the front lines of war from the view of various Allied forces and an aim to recapturing those jaw dropping ‘Saving Private Ryan’ moments with patriotism and historic relevance. Pandemic’s swansong title, The Saboteur, throws all of that out the window, using World War II as a backdrop - rather than a focus - for an open-world story of revenge in Nazi occupied France.  Le Eiffel You play as Sean Devlin, an Iris...

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Good game with great stealth elements. 2

 The Saboteur... Where to start? Well, the first thing that grabs you when playing this, is that it playes very much like a Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto Series game. You run around, get missions off people, steal cars, shoot people - that sort of thing... And that's true up to a certain point, but the more seasoned gamer will eventually be drawn much further back to an old PC game called Commando's and it's sequel. In Commando's the team had to get in, without alerting the guards, blo...

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The Comedy Of Errors. 0

Let me start off by saying that I love a good yarn of a story. It doesn't have to be realistic, nor be without plotholes, no, a good yarn has to be a fun and enjoyable story. Something which Pandemic's 'The Saboteur' does very well. The Saboteur is by no means a fantastic gaming accomplishment by any technical means, but it is fantastically well presented and, if you can see past a few errors, keeps your attention long enough to see you through to it's bloody resolve.  You play as Sean Devlin, a...

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Great Ingredients, Lackluster Execution 0

 The Saboteur should have been much better. All of the ingredients were there; Pandemic Studios (the group behind Mercenaries) developed the game, it has a brilliant art-style, and the story is pulpy fun. Yet, The Saboteur is plagued with problem after problem, which wind up turning a great idea into a mediocre reality.  The Saboteur takes place in Paris during Nazi occupation. In the game, the player controls Sean Devlin, an Irish race-car driver. After his best friend is brutally murdered, Sea...

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Finding pleasure in a time of war 0

The Saboteur is a game I should have purchased at release. It wasn't until one year later did I pick up the game from the "bargain bin" and, boy, was I impressed.  A fantastic story, a familiar video game setting (WWII), a breadth of characters and the quick-witted, Irishman Sean Devlin all make for a game that is well worth the time and money spent.  You play as Sean Devlin and find yourself wrapped up in something larger than yourself (the German occupation of greater France during WWII) and s...

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Indiana is quick with his whip, but Sean's quicker with Whiskey. 0

         Cherry blossoms are regarded as being at their most radiant, right before they fall off the tree. A belief that shows that even though the end is near, leaving a mark on the world is the best thing to do. Right before Pandemic Studios closed, makers of the Mercenaries franchise, the last title they were working on was The Saboteur. A free-roaming WWII game that dropped the FPS association, and mixed in cinematic elements with everything sandbox gaming has produced.             Sean De...

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Another open world game, but that’s not a bad thing. 0

The Saboteur takes place in Paris under Nazi occupation in WWII. This third person, open world game is not top of its class, but its different setting makes it worth playing. VENDETTA AND A RESISTANCE Sean Devlin is a former race driver, who is tormented by guilt. In time he learns that a way to make things at least a little bit better is to join the French resistance. Story is quite predictable, but it’s told through quality cutscenes and excellent voice acting. Characters have a nice do...

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Overly Ambitious, but Almost Great 0

 Yeah, not exactly a new game, but as a fan of Pandemic's work before their demise, I felt I had to complete the game. And it was, completely, a Pandemic game. High level of aspiration with some bugs, but an overall excellent gameplay experience. The setting is the high point of the game. I can't think of other games set in World War II that took place in occupied France. Dealing with Nazis in a location that hasn't been bombed to hell is a nice change of pace. Pandemic nailed their location ...

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Charming but flawed 0

Well, I’m so far just around two hours into playing Pandemic’s swansong, and I have to say, it’s been a real thrill-ride so far. They’re well-known for their Mercenaries franchise, and having never played nor even seen those titles, I had little to no context on whether this game was going to live up to my expectations or not. The reason for my high hopes were that if a game ever could fit into a niche market, I think Pandemic did an excellent job in designing one for me. Irish? Check. World War...

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Killing Nazis has never been more fun 0

Pros:-Large open world to freely explore-Lot's of mission and gameplay variety-Great amount of content that provides countless hours of gameplay-Great and stylish soundtrack-Black and White effect is a nice touchCons:-Weak stealth elementsWW2 has been used as a backdrop for so many games that it has become somewhat of a routine, and it makes it hard for many games that have this setting to stand out from the crowd as a result. The Saboteur does not have this problem. It is stylish and sexy, it i...

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The Saboteur Review 0

It is a shame that EA short-sitedly closed Pandemic Studios, because this game maybe better than any other shows their creativity in all it's spendour and what they were capable of creating.Set initially before the outbreak of World War II (some early mission) and during the German Occupation of France, "The Sabotoeur lets you take control of Sean Devlin, a hard drinking Irish racecar mechanic.The Pros:The game looks fantastic whether your playing in Black And White, or the "inspired" areas in C...

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He's Oyrish. I'm Gamer. What's New? 0

I felt very excited upon the purchase of The Saboteur, given my two full go-arounds in Fable 3 and Saints Row The Third when it came to playing open world games. I was hoping for another fun adventure blowing up, shooting down Nazis. Upon completing the main campaign and participating some side quests and forays into blowing stuff up at my own leisure time, I couldn't help but feel that the game has some unfilled holes. Yes, there is a lot to like here, such as the action, but there are many fac...

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A confused game that cannot hold my attention 0

The Saboteur in short is a game that is just confused about its identity. As mentioned in other reviews it takes bits and pieces from other open world games and mashes them together, but never achieves a complete identity. Contradictions are simply all over the place in the game. For example, the game at the beginning tells you to take to the roof tops a la Assassin's Creed. While the rooftops are good for nailing down some easy cash on targets the climbing mechanic  is slow, the buildings aren'...

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This game was so below my expectations. By seeing all the videos and gameplay shots, this game looked pretty fun and interesting as a nice way for pandemic to go out in a bang, Well the game is just plain boring and isnt really that interesting after a while, despite having a nice tone and easy play style. I didnt really want to finish this one cause it didnt seem worth it, even when i Dl'd a savegame that was 70% of the game done.  The Saboteur also doesnt have a very interesting story at all. ...

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Rough around the edges, but fun enough to make up for it. 0

 The Saboteur takes a lot of obvious inspiration from other games.You could say it borrowed the climbing from Assassins Creed.You could say it took it's stealth sections were inspired by Hitman.You could say its cover based shooting was like that of a Gears of War title.Alas while it has the basic mechanics of these other games, it doesn't pull them off quite as well.You play as Sean Devlin, a likable Irish chap.Early on he and his best friend are captured by Nazis and his friend was murdered...

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Is This World War II Satire Worth Playing? 0

As I raced across rooftops in Paris, I kept thinking about what had gotten me to that point--my choice to snap a Nazi’s neck in front of his commanding officer. If I had only been more stealthy, I would not be running away from Nazi soldiers, Zeppelins, tanks, or fighter planes. Instead, I would be wandering the bustling streets of Nazi-occupied Paris looking for a bar.When developer Pandemic set out to create The Saboteur, an open world game involving Irish mechanic/freedom fighter/womanizer Se...

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Pandemic's swan song 0

 Forget everything you know about World War 2 because pandemic have rewritten the rule book when it comes to the German occupation of France, the saboteur won't have you storming the beaches of Normandy or hiding out in trenches, in fact this time around you won't even play as a member of the army, you play Sean Devlin an Irish mechanic now living in France and after taking part in a big race Sean falls afoul of the German army. As the story pans out you take the role of Sean as he fights...

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Very Disappointed 0

I had some time to play this game a little. I like the whole black and white and then color video. But i started to notice its a lot like Grand Theft Auto but with a little twist. I am so sick of these kind of games. You would think with all the good stuff we have these days people would come up with some new ideas. This game disappointed me. It had the action but I just didn't really feel it. After awhile i started to get bored. But nice try. But thank god i didn't buy it....

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Typical Pandemic Mess, But Fun as Hell 0

I was huge fan of Pandemic's 2006 sleeper hit "Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction". While it wasn't perfect, it certianly was ambitious and a great deal of fun to play. I eagerly awaited the day when they released a second one for the current console generation, one that fixed and added to the fun gameplay of the 1st. When that day came I was a bit disappointed. "Mercenaries 2" was a barely playable buggy mess of a game. Despite it's very low quality, I still had myself a bit of fun while it...

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The Saboteur: Some notes are out of key in this swansong. 0

 The Saboteur Review (360, PS3, PC) Taken from my blog:  With the massive layoffs that hit Electronic Arts in November the company confirmed that Pandemic studio’s is no longer. While a small handful of the studios force was absorbed to offer support you can call The Saboteur their swan song. It’s not a bad note to go out on, but it’s a bitter pill for a crew that obviously had some unique and outright fun ideas. The Saboteur pits you against Nazi forces that hav...

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The Saboteur Review 0

The Saboteur is a third person sandbox open world game set in Paris during World War 2. You play as an Irish mechanic and race car driver named Sean Devlin, whose friend was recently killed by Nazis. He then decides to join the French resistance and try to take revenge on the Nazis who killed his friend. Was Pandemic Studio's final game a last wave goodbye? Or was it a way to show everyone that Pandemic closing down was for the better?To get deeper into the story, you play as a race car driver ...

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The Saboteur Review 0

The Saboteur takes place in Nazi occupied Paris with you in the shoes of Sean, an Irish race driver with a talent for scaling buildings, playing with explosives and making life miserable for the Nazis. The open ended play style here works out much as you'd expect: There's a main storyline, side missions to complete, cars to steal and buildings to climb, so you can safely check off all the boxes on your open world check sheet. What really sets The Saboteur apart from most other open world games i...

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Fun pulpy Nazi-face-punching action 0

I'm finally returning to do video game reviews, with a look at Pandemic Studios last game, The Saboteur.So, I bring up William Grover-Williams in the review - an article on wikipedia about him can be found here. His life story is really impressive, and pretty clearly is the model for Sean Devlin, though Devlin's story ends happier - Grover-Williams was eventually captured and died in a concentration camp....

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