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The Sagara Family was first developed and released for the PC in Japan as 相楽さん家の悦楽ライフ (Japanese: Sagara-san Ka no Etsuraku Life, translates to The Sagara Family's Enjoyable Life) by Zyx on August 28, 2003. It was later translated and released in the US by G-Collections on January 1, 2005.


You are Yusuke, a Japanese youth about to enter college in Tokyo. When your father suggested that you live with the family of a friend of his while you attend school, you didn't really have an opinion one way or the other. Until, that is, you found out that the Sagara Family is comprised of nothing but women: four beautiful daughters and their sexy widowed mother!

Of course you don't mind the prospect of living in a house full of beautiful women -- you are a man, after all. The trouble is, they're not used to having men around, so they don't know how to act around one. This will no doubt cause any number of interesting situations to pop up as you get used to living with these beautiful women.


  • Maria Sagara - Widowed mother of 4 daughters. She is a friend of Yusuke's father. Maria is strong-willed, motherly, and caring and she presents herself as a parental figure to her daughters. Maria will do everything in her power to help her children.
  • Arisa Sagara - The first daughter who is motherly like her mother Maria. She works as a nurse at the nearby kindergarten as she loves children, though the children somewhat bullies her. Arisa faces harassment from the director of the kindergarten but she is afraid of speaking out against him for fear of losing her job.
  • Sanae Sagara - The second daughter who is of the same age as Yusuke. She attends a different school as Yusuke but takes the same bus as he does. Sanae works as a waitress at a nearby cafe called Cafe Dreadnought to help support her family financially.
  • Emiru Sagara - The third daughter who doesn't talk much and prefers to shy away from people. She is initially cold towards Yusuke and spends most of the day locked up in her room. Emiru was later revealed to have a hobby of cosplaying which she hides from her family.
  • Ruruka Sagara - The youngest daughter who is cheerful, energetic, and hardworking. She enjoys teasing Yusuke and she helps her mother with housework. Ruruka likes to see herself as being capable of acting beyond her years.


The Sagara Family is heavy on narrative which will occasionally present an option of 2 or 3 choices which will lead to different story lines and affect the outcome of the story. Several scenes have simple animations.


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