On It's Way To WiiWare & PSN?

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Craig Derrick, the producer of Monkey Island SE, has revealed that a announcement will be made regarding a new platform release very soon.

Well, we never said we wouldn't be on Wiiware or PSN now did we. The truth is, though, Xbox LIVE offers a great user experience and downloadable service to gamers and we think it's a great platform to launch the game on. And, of course, the game will also be available on PC via digital download, plus we may have another platform announcement to make very, very soon.
Craig Derrick, Producer, Monkey Island: Special Edition

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I can't see it selling on PSN and Wiiware. It'll come out after the XBLA and PC release, so anyone that wants it will already have it on PC. It's not like it's going to have PC specs that people can't manage.

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So...? Wii has a legacy of good sales for WiiWare adventure titles, it's not like the conversion will cost a lot. The few extra sales would be worth it. I'm sure some people will prefer this on PC or Wii anyway, given the nature of the controls (pointer/cursor based).

Gamers really shouldn't concern themselves with the sales. Just play what you want guys. Whether sales have an effect or not, there's nothing you as a man/woman  can do to change them significantly enough to make a difference... Just play, play play.

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I know my PC can't handle it, but I'll get it just for the old school version.  Hopefully it'll be on Steam.  Playing a Monkey Island game on a console doesn't seem right.

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The more people who get to the play the better. It's a classic piece of gaming history and I think it's a game that everyone should have played.

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I seem to have both the console and the computer that always seems to get the short end of the stick with some games.  Macs barely get any games (All I have for it is the Sims 3 and Spore lol).  And the PS3 never seems to get the good downloadable games (again all I have is Flower).  But thanks to the great pepople at SCUMM VM I can play most of the classic Lucasarts adventure games, with the exception of the 3d ones.  SO I already got the original to finish!!!  But if PSN gets it I will definately buy it the day it comes out.  Now don't get me wrong the original is great, but addition of voice overs and the new art style will add so much more the the game.  So I do hope this is true!

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@MattyFTM: There are plenty of people who do absolutely no gaming on their pc.

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