Extra Code for This Weekend's Beta Weekend

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I just got a beta code for this weekend's event:


Here's some codes from tineyoghurt:

  • YUL56CQC4YF47KB5J9F6
On June 22 at 6pm CET (9am PDT) the massive and final Beta Weekend for The Secret World kicks off, offering a preview of the epic conflict between the three secret societies: the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templar, and YOU and a buddy are invited to join the fight!
Your account is ready to play and we are happy to let you invite a friend to join the war with you this coming weekend! Please inform your friend to go to http://register.thesecretworld.com and use the following key:

This marks the first public opening of the massive, persistent player vs. player war zone where over two hundred players clash in adrenaline-fueled battles for power and world domination! Stonehenge and Eldorado are also opening up, allowing smaller groups of players to fight for control over the power held within these legendary locations.
In addition to all these exciting, new player vs. player experiences, all content from the previous Beta Weekends will be available. Your character progress from previous Beta Weekends carries over to this event, so you can continue your adventures in Kingsmouth, The Savage Coast, The Polaris and Hell Raised! You can also visit London, New York and Seoul to enjoy the Templar, Illuminati and Dragon starter experiences.
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@WebScud: I think you should write something besides the email, it kinda looks like an ad. 
Anyhows, I've got some codes to add to the pool: 
  • YUL56CQC4YF47KB5J9F6 
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@tineyoghurt: Good call. I added your codes to the OP too.

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I can throw in two keys as well... As we decided to not play the beta any further to not get spoiled any further in the game.

The codes are:



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#5 Posted by Chronologist (307 posts) -

I got one too:


Here you go :D

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@Chronologist: Brilliant! I wanted to give this a go before it came out. 
Thank you very much!
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I would just like to add that if you register by June 22 then you get access to the beta. Link for evidence.

This is the final Beta Weekend before launch on July 3rd and we are ending with a bang. Everyone who has ever registered for The Secret World beta will get access to this final Beta Weekend. This is also true for anyone who has not registered yet but still registers by Friday, June 22nd. Players who were part of any of the previous Beta Weekends as well as certain other Funcom customers (including but not limited to current and previous Age of Conan subscribers) will also be given access. Everyone who is eligible will receive an e-mail in the next few days. If you have not already registered to join The Secret World beta we suggest that you do so to be sure you get in.
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#8 Posted by CL60 (17117 posts) -



There's 2 keys for somebody. I have no interest in this.

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#9 Posted by project343 (2895 posts) -


Here's a key for someone. ^

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#10 Posted by AlexW00d (7478 posts) -

I thought it was open this weekend anyway? Maybe I misread that article.

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