First In-Game Engine Footage of MMO The Secret World Released

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Last month, game developer Funcom set up a viral website touting the sleeply New England town of Kingsmouth.  Much like any setting from a Stephen King novel situated in Maine, the website is a modeled after any traditional chamber of commerce produced advertisement.  It offered a few interesting tidbits into the region, such as it being the location of a school for gifted youngsters, the surrounding mountains are said to be haunted, and Bigfoot has been seen on numerous occasions.   Kingsmouth is going to be a zone in the Funcom's forth coming MMO, The Secret World.
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So far, we've seen several highly polished trailers for the game that while entertaining to watch, they offered no insight into the game itself.  Well, this new trailer gives us a look at the in-game engine finally.  It's still not the pure game play we're all hoping for, but at least we have a better idea of what we can expect when the game finally hits store shelves.  I'm not sure when that will be since the release date has been delayed.   

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Yuck, that was a bad trailer. I understand they want to make an MMO in a zombie-filled setting, but there is nothing about that trailer that differentiated the game from every other zombiefest out there.

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Yea how much you wanna bet that whole story thing they just presented never factors into the game because its just going to be another MMO.

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Funcom of Age of Conan fame are developing this?
Already I'm dubious as to the quality of the game based on that startling revelation and not just because that trailer left me entirely unenthusiastic for The Secret World. Although my more pressing question is why MMO developers these days feel the need to create multiple MMOs? Whatever happened to supporting the original product by producing continued content and updates for players to enjoy and to draw new potential customers into the companies vice-like grip so you can leech more subscription money from them too?

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that intro speech was sooo bad.

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trailer sucks

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